Zero waste Halloween ideas for the whole family

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays on the calendar. Whether you’re dressing up for a trick or treat or digging into Barmbrack while telling ghost stories, this is a special night to be enjoyed by all ages.

However, the scariest thing about this spooky celebration shouldn’t be the leftover trash, which is why we’re sharing some eco-friendly tips ahead of All Hallows Eve.

1. Durable Suits

Instead of buying a plastic costume that will inevitably end up in the trash, why not make your own Halloween costumes from household items?

Alternatively, you can find pre-loved costumes from friends and family or contact local groups (School Costume Swap/Freecycle Facebook groups/ If you have something specific in mind, visit your local charity shop or sites like

You could even wear all black and make your makeup the highlight of your costume by becoming a witch cat or a creepy skeleton. (Ireland’s eco-toy store) offers a range of child-safe and eco-friendly mascaras, face paints and nail polishes.

2. Eco-Friendly Treats

Avoid all those chocolate, crisp and candy wrappers this year. Instead, why not buy a large jar of candy, chips or chocolate and dispense the treats in biodegradable brown paper bags rather than the plastic alternative. Not only is it good for the planet, but also for your pocket, as it will be cheaper than buying multiple multipacks.

3. Eat your pumpkin

Instead of carving your pumpkin, you can decorate it with decorations, draw on windows, glue leaves or paper ghosts. Then, once you’ve taken your photos of your masterpiece, you can wash it and cook your pumpkin for a delicious curry, warming soup or tasty pie.

4. Sort your waste

With a large volume of trash, it can be tempting to throw it all in the black bin, but make an effort to slow down and recycle things properly.

Remember that everything in the recycling bin must be to clean, dry and ample. And soft plastics can now be recycled in Ireland.

5. Freeze leftovers

If your kids have come home with enough treats to send them into sweet comas, consider melting down some of their stash to create freezer treats to enjoy in the months to come.

Rachel Allen’s Chocolate Nut Clusters recipe might be just what you need.

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