Unmissable art events (Fall Arts Preview 2022)

Suzanne Jackson, “Hers and His”, 2018, Acrylic, cotton, faux scenic paper, wood, 86 x 67 inches

Suzanne Jackson: Listen to N Home

Suzanne Jackson had a turbulent life. A dancer and poet, raised in pre-state Alaska, trained in theater design at Yale, she ran Los Angeles’ famed Gallery 32 in the late 1960s, where she showed works by David Hammons and curated a fundraiser for the Black Panthers. On September 14, The Arts Club of Chicago will open a solo presentation of Jackson’s work, including pieces from the previous twenty-five years and a new installation. In recent years, the artist has pioneered a painting system, consisting solely of free-floating acrylic paint with no supporting canvas, resulting in haunting and ethereal abstractions.

“Property will cost us the earth,” wrote Andreas Malm in his manifesto, “How to Blow Up a Pipeline.” The Renaissance Society takes up the concept of division in this group exhibition, which opens on September 10. Curated by Karsten Lund, The Idea of ​​Ownership encompasses everything from land ownership to personal data, including work by Christopher Meerdo, Kevin Beasley, Rose Salane and a dozen other artists.

Quote black geographies

Curated by SAIC Professor Romi Crawford, this group exhibition at the Gray Gallery features artists whose work examines “black space” or zones of black cultural experiences. Featuring works by Chicago artists including Dawoud Bey, McArthur Binion, Tony Lewis and Amanda Williams, Crawford leaves the notion of “dark space” open. The exhibit, which opens September 9, spans media from painting and photography to video and performance, and even includes a contemporary recording of the Staples Jr. Singers, which was co-produced by the curator. .

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