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Kevin Bonnett

The Pixel 6 February update finally proves that Google can deliver important bug fixes on time. Unfortunately, it’s in line with the mole swipe trend of all Pixel 6 updates – Google managed to squash some bugs, but it also introduced a new bug to the troubled phone.

Shortly after the February update rolled out, users on Reddit and Twitter complained that their Pixel 6 wouldn’t maintain a Wi-Fi connection. The device’s Wi-Fi turns off and refuses to automatically connect to a network. Also, enabling Wi-Fi disables Bluetooth.

Here is a quote from the affected customer u/ThrowawayNotGarbage:

Google has once again dropped the ball. Wifi is broken on February update. I will be staying in January. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to keep this phone because I pay it back every month, and to resell it second-hand I would lose so much money. I’ll just deal with January for now and just hope that Google eventually gets its act together. Never buy another Pixel again, that’s for sure.

Customers who contacted Google were told to factory reset their phones. But a reset only seems like a short-term solution. (Surprisingly, this bug doesn’t appear to affect any device except the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.)

Some customers are happy with the February update because it fixes several issues related to Bluetooth reliability, the device keyboard, and the Camera app. Many customers are not reporting any issues after installing the February update, so the source of this Wi-Fi bug is unclear.

If you own a Pixel 6, I suggest skipping the February update until Google comes up with a fix. Affected users can roll back to a previous version, although this requires a factory reset. It may be smarter to deal with the problem until it is fixed by Google.

Source: Android Police

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