The best photography books to buy July 2022

July 4, 2022

Every month, a slew of new photography books hit the shelves, ready to be picked up and placed on our coffee table. We at AP are in the extremely enviable position of having these tomes pass before our discerning eyes, to help you decide what to spend your hard-earned cash on.

Here’s our pick of the best photography books you can buy in July – let us know if you fancy them or offer your own recommendations. If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out the the best exhibitions to see in 2022 too.

The best photography books to buy in July 2022

  • A Very British Picnic
  • The Conscious Photographer by Sophie Howarth
  • Venezia: through the eyes of a Venetian by Federico Povoleri
  • The 40th Edition Polaroid Book by Barbara Hitchcock, Steve Crist
  • Larry Towell’s Mennonites
  • Modern Forms: An Expanded Subjective Atlas of 20th Century Architecture by Nicolas Grospierre

Best Stock Photography Book July 2022

A Very British Picnic

RRP £17.95, Hoxton Mini Press, Hardcover, 128 pages, ISBN: 9781914314193

The 11th book in Hoxton’s Vintage Britain series, as usual we’re treated to a collection of nostalgic and playful images – this time focusing on the humble British picnic. Although this might seem like a niche topic for an entire book, it’s probably something every British citizen has experienced at some point, so it’s of interest to all of us.

It’s also an original collection that caters to collectors of documentary, street and historical photography – with images spanning just about the entire 20th century. Who knows, maybe you’ll spot yourself – or someone you know – among the leaves of this lovely little tome, which is, as always, beautifully done. If you have the rest of the collection, it’s a great addition, but even if you don’t, it’s a fun little gift (if only for yourself).

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Best Photography Technique Book July 2022

The Conscious Photographer by Sophie Howarth

£14.99, Thames and Hudson, softcover, 144 pages, ISBN: 9780500545539

We’re big fans of mindfulness here at AP, so we were very interested to hear about this new book by Sophie Howarth.

Drawing on the work of renowned photographers such as Saul Leiter, Rinko Kawauchi, Sally Mann, Edward Weston, Teju Cole and many more, this book gives you inspiration and stories that will help you expand your knowledge photographs and offer new perspectives on creativity.

Designed to give us a new way of thinking about photography – rejecting the notion of perfection – it encourages us to slow down and discover the joy and rewards of a ‘mindful’ approach to photography. Affordable and a good size, it’s nice to have on the bedside table or to dip into when a pinch of inspiration is needed.

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Best Landscape Photography Book July 2022

Venezia: through the eyes of a Venetian by Federico Povoleri

£45, TeNeues, Hardcover, 224 pages, ISBN: 9783961713981

A hugely popular destination for photographers, there is of course an abundance of images from the photogenic city of Venice. However, when these photos are taken by a native Venetian, who knows the city better than anyone, it’s safe to say they’re above average.

Claiming to be the only black and white photography book dedicated to Venice on the market, this delightful edition is worth a look for those interested in both monochrome photography and travel photography.

As well as fantastic photographs, there is also interesting information about recent events in Venice – including a 2003 fire and insight into local characters and traditions of the region. There are also comments about the impact of cruise ships on the city, which has become increasingly controversial over the years.

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Best Film Photography Book July 2022

The Polaroid Book 40e edition by Barbara Hitchcock, Steve Christ

£25, Taschen, Hardcover, 456 pages, ISBN 9783836591997

No other photography brand has created a product as unique and instantly recognizable as Polaroid Corporation. The Polaroid camera and its air-rippling/wavy prints were immensely popular in the 1970s among the great unwashed and renowned artists – all fascinated not only by the immediacy of the emergent image, but also by the look distinctive of the image and the print itself.

This collection of prints from the Polaroid archives includes a stunning range of styles, formats and subjects photographed by famous and lesser-known photographers who have used Polaroid products throughout its history. It contains a potted history of the cameras, as well as a heavenly index of the cameras and materials used to take each photo.

This reprint of the original 2005 edition, to celebrate the best of Taschen’s 40 year history, is simply brilliant.

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Best Black and White Photography Book July 2022

Larry Towell’s Mennonites

RRP £60, GOST, hardcover, 288 pages, ISBN: 9781910401538

Selected by our regular columnist Tim Clinch, this book is a second edition of the original, first published in 2000. The project itself began in 1990, with this additional edition revisiting the project and including 40 previously unseen photographs.

In Towell’s own words: “In 1989 I discovered them [the Mennonites] in my own backyard, land-hungry and land-poor. They came looking for work in the vegetable fields and orchards of Lambton, Essex, Kent and Haldimand-Norfolk counties. I liked them very much because they seemed otherworldly and therefore completely vulnerable in a society they didn’t belong to and weren’t prepared for. Because I loved them, they loved me, and even though photography was forbidden, they let me photograph them. That’s all there was to it.

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Best Architectural Photography Book July 2022

Modern forms: an enlarged subjective atlas of 20e Architecture of the century by Nicolas Grospierre

RRP £35, Prestel, hardcover, 288 pages, ISBN: 9783791388106

Grospierre’s famous modernist architecture tour has been expanded for this new edition for increased global reach. We now see buildings in Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and South America.

If you love intriguing, modernist architecture, as well as travel and documentary photography, this fascinating collection doesn’t come highly enough. You can even use it as a checklist of potential places to visit, if that’s your cup of tea.

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