The best abstract photography ideas to try out today



The School of Photography wants to teach you how to create abstract photographs and in doing so, change the way you look at photography forever.


If you want to learn what abstract photography is, you have come across the right tutorial because Photography school answers all your questions about abstract photography while showing you how to create a really beautiful abstract image.

“An abstract photograph is an image of something that doesn’t represent what it really is. If you show someone an example of your abstract photograph and they say ‘wow, that’s a great photo. . What is this? “So you’ve nailed that kind of photography to your head!” The school of photography.

To create a great abstract photo, here is a checklist of the items your image will need:

  • Get off the beaten track
  • Take photos you wouldn’t normally take
  • Look for things that can be cropped / composed differently
  • Ask yourself, “is this unrecognizable?” And, is it interesting to watch? ‘
  • Find parts of the object that look interesting when framed in your viewfinder
  • Anything that will give you an unusual view of this object
  • Try to approach and look beside things or look up
  • If you see a hole, look through
  • Frames within frames can be cool
  • Use shallow depth of field
  • Crop images in post-production

What abstract images have you captured? We would love to see them in the Gallery.

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