The 10 Best Photography Books The independent

1. Lawrence Schiller: Marilyn and I

£ 650,

Monroe gave a young photographer from Brooklyn a chance by choosing him to photograph her. And here is the result – a legacy of a limited edition book.

2. Magnum contact sheets

£ 95,

If you’re serious about photography, you’ll want this book. He lays bare the process of creation by juxtaposing a famous image with the contact sheets of the photographers.

3. Photo file: Sarah Moon

£ 9.95,

Moon has shot for Vogue, Harper’s and Chanel. This new book is a showcase of both the breadth of his work and his ethereal, otherworldly style.

4. The artist’s body

£ 12.95,

This 250-picture book is best viewed as a photographic essay, a rumination of how artists used their own bodies to create art during the 20th century.

5. Private view of Mario Testino

£ 44.99,

Testino makes the hearts of fashionistas beat a little faster. The Peruvian has also entered the world of formal portraiture.

6. World Press Photo 12 by Teun Van Der Heijden

£ 16.95,

The moving annual published by World Press Photo. Categories covered include: people, general news, and sports.

7. Bob Willoughby: Audrey Hepburn

£ 44.99,

Willoughby’s shots of Hepburn stretch from the late 1950s to the height of his fame My Fair Lady.

8. Dorothée Lange

£ 7.95,

Lange was the first woman to receive the Guggenheim Photography Fellowship and this book features her most famous work.

9. The sites of ancient Greece by Georg Gerster

£ 39.95,

With tails of strife and discord the daily bread of Greece, it’s easy to forget why the country has won over so many people.

10. In the moment: sports photography by Tom Jenkins

£ 30,

Few people have proven to be more adept at capturing the passion for the sport than Jenkins.

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