Seven Brilliant New Photography Books To Buy Now



From an investigation of Coco Capitán’s work to a captivating portrayal of New York youth by Marie Tomanova, a guide to the most exciting publications available this april

Busy life by Coco Capitán, published by Loose Joints

As a personal exhibition of Coco Capitán, Busy living with everyone, everywhere, all the time, continues in Paris, Loose Joints publishes a monograph to accompany the show. The fashion and commercial photography of Capitán (the Spanish imager worked with brands like Gucci) is featured in Busy life, as well as images from his personal archives. “I’m 27 at the moment and moved to London when I was a teenager. I’ve always done my writing and my photography, but I don’t have any older works than this in this exhibition, ”Capitán said in a recent interview with AnOther. “I didn’t want the exhibition to be a retrospective of my working time so far – that would be a bit arrogant considering my age. I think it’s more interesting to think about the present moment.

Inside the ass by Frank and Tyrone Lebon, published by DoBeDo Projects

Brothers and brilliant photographers in their own right, Frank and Tyrone Lebon have teamed up on a limited edition photo book documenting the making of Harmony Korine’s new film. beach ass. Shot over six weeks in 2017, Inside the ass includes photographs and stills from films starring Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron, as well as “written diary entries, call sheets and vintage Florida tourist props” . A beautiful and highly original publication, this book offers unprecedented insight into the creative process of one of modern cinema’s most distinctive voices.

Analogies by Stuart Franklin, published by Hatje Cantz

Analogies is a new publication by British photographer Stuart Franklin, whose work focuses primarily on nature and geography. The lyrical landscapes compiled in this latest book all seek to reveal human influences and elements, as Franklin explores the metaphorical potentials of the natural world. The beautiful black and white images have been captured all over the world and offer an alternate look at the relationship between humans and our environment.

Rest by Charlotte Gainsbourg, from Classic Books / Because editions

Bearing the same name as his fifth album, Rest by Charlotte Gainsbourg is a book that seeks to extend the story behind the record. The book is a deeply personal account of the album’s birth, from influences to lyrics, illustrated with photographs – self-portraits, shots of New York, where she lives, and of her three children – and drawings by Gainsbourg. (Watch out for Gainsbourg performing the acclaimed Coachella album this year as well.)

Young american by Marie Tomanova, published by Paradigm

Czech photographer Marie Tomanova’s captivating portraits of New York City’s youth caught the eye of Ryan McGinley, who wrote an introduction for Tomanova’s first book on her famous series. Young american. Tomanova has captured her peers in their homes or in the underground clubs of her adopted city, and the resulting portraits form an intimate and inclusive view of contemporary New York youth culture.

Do not feed the alligators by David Shama, published by Damiani

that of David Shama Do not feed the alligators is a photographic exploration of the southern states of America, seen through the eyes of a foreign relative (Shama is originally from Switzerland and based in New York). The photographer captures the simultaneous excitement and banality of everyday life through snapshots of his peers and featuring quintessentially American tropes: motels, diners, swamps, amusement parks and empty winding roads appear in his warm images. Released at the end of 2018, the tome published by Damiani was recently brought back to New York for the AIPAD Photography Show.

Laurent Benaïm, published by Taschen

“I attended photography school in 1982 and immediately and instinctively became interested in portraying sexuality,” French photographer Laurent Benaïm recently told AnOther. “Over time, I became aware of the fundamental importance of everything that mixes eroticism, sex and feelings of love by launching myself into a real enterprise to bear witness to the diversity of sexualities. Benaïm’s singular practice has been exploring sexuality and individuals’ interest in sexual taboos for nearly three decades, and Taschen has now published a comprehensive review of his work.


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