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TL; DR: The Professional Guide to Photography Bundle is on sale for £ 30.76 from October 20, saving you 97% off the list price.

Whether it’s the rise of social media, access to a high-definition camera that lives in your pocket, or a mix of the two, it seems every teenager on the internet is better than us. ‘ve never been to take pictures. That’s crazy.

If you’re on the same page and want to improve your photography skills to show these teens what’s going on, sign up for this set of professional photography guides while it’s on sale. With 38 hours of content led by experts not only in photography, but also Photoshop and editing, you will come out of this training with the ability to capture stunning images and tweak them to perfection.


This little pod will become your personal photographer

There is a massive five-hour masterclass that covers all the absolute basics of photography – from understanding the exposure triangle and the difference between aperture and shutter speed, mastering lighting and focus. understanding of the seven ingredients of the composition. This 4.2-star course taught by a seasoned photographer Chris Parker has the potential to improve your photography skills. But there’s a lot more to making your snapshots even better.

If you’ve got a DSLR handy, but don’t know how to get it to work, there’s a seven-hour course just for you. Want to photograph weddings? There is also a course covering the ins and outs of capturing these memories. There’s even an entire course dedicated to studio portrait photography, in case portraits are more your thing.

And finally, there are three dedicated courses to learn everything you need to know about using Adobe Photoshop. Taught by Aaron Nace of PHLEARN, these beginner-friendly courses take you through the basics such as exposure correction and color correction to more advanced skills such as blending, dodging, and engraving.

While the full course is worth over £ 1,000, you can sign up for just £ 30.76 for a limited time.

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