Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club Course Review

Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club Course Review

GF £38-£48
By 72 6,733 yards
Slope 130
Director General’s Verdict – A full-bodied park rising on undulating terrain.
favorite hole – The 224-yard par-3 18 has the mansion as its backdrop and promises one last great swing.

Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club - 9th hole

The 9th hole also has the mansion as a backdrop

(Image credit: Jeremy Ellwood)

Even the name flows like honey. The name ‘Rolls of Monmouth’ may not refer to the landscape of the golf course but to the splendid mansion behind the 18th green, once inhabited by the Rolls-Royce family, but it should. This is a large, elegant park that rumbles so gently over the Welsh countryside and where, perhaps almost unbelievably now, Greg Norman was once the touring pro in the 1980s.

Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club - 11th hole

The short par-4 11th downhill is a risk-reward classic

(Image credit: Jeremy Ellwood)

It is tranquil, secluded, teeming with wildlife and certainly ranks among the best golf courses in South Wales, especially of the inland variety. The drive creates excitement with mature trees revealing glimpses of the course and the mansion, which dates back to 1767. It’s a breathtaking moment when you see it in all its glory.

Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club - 15th hole

The 15th hole in the soft early morning light

(Image credit: Jeremy Ellwood)

The course matches that same drama with graceful tunes that quickly give way to the realization that you are playing a course of considerable breadth and length. A par 72 of 6,733 yards requires a solid day of approach play and that assumes you can negotiate the trees off the tee. The shortest of the four par 5s is 516 yards; the longest is 556 meters. The four par 3s aren’t tiddlers either, coming in between 164 (8th) and 224 (18th) yards. This 18th hole, with a pond in front to the right and water spreading across the front of the green is an absolute terror of a signature hole. If you have a good dashboard, it could fall apart in one fell swoop. The safest option may be to play low…or go deep and eliminate all trouble from the equation. Whatever you choose, this is one of the best finishing holes you will ever play.

Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club - 18th hole

The difficult 18th hole under the spring sun

(Image credit: Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club)

There’s a lot of movement to the course without ever being hilly and this presents many challenges when it comes to finding fairways and greens…but it does mean you’ll face plenty of spectacular shots. Dense wooded areas add body to the course and make those towering sentries guarding the fairways all the more powerful, especially since there is no bunkering on the fairways. The greens deserve a special mention: of varying sizes, you will be fooled time and time again by significant undulations which reflect the antics of the landscape. Any two-putt should be cashed in with gratitude.

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