Photography Books – Reviews and Summaries

Our in-depth reviews of the latest photography books, covering everything from landscape and travel photography, to portraiture and street photography. We also take a look at books by photographers who have made a real impact, exploring their careers and portfolios.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at our roundup of the best photography books curated by Martin Parr, the best photography books selected by us, or take a look at the photography books featuring the works of Fred Herzog, William Eggleston Where Cindy Sherman.

Did you know that Amateur Photographer publishes books? Take a look at our Improve your photography series!

  • AP Books: Bookazine Improve Your Photography
  • Turn your best photos into beautiful books
  • Portrait of Humanity demonstrates resilience
  • Peter Beard By Peter & Nejma Bear |  book review
  • Amazonia by Tommaso Protti |  book review
  • Stephen Shore's American Surfaces |  book review
  • Abundance of Death Magic |  book review
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson, China 1948-1949, 1958 |  book review
  • The silence of dogs in cars By Martin Usborne |  book review
  • Photographing London Vol 1 by George Johnson |  book review
  • India by Andreas H Bitesnich |  book review
  • East End by Dougie Wallace |  book review

    East End by Dougie Wallace | book review

    March 3, 2020

    Bold, bold and vibrant, Dougie Wallace’s photography isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it certainly gets people talking. Amy Davies explores her new book

  • Magnum Streetwise: The Ultimate Street Photography Collection |  book review
  • London Underground 1970-1980 by Mike Goldwater |  book review
  • Best photography books 2020

    Best photography books 2020

    February 19, 2020

    The best photography books chosen by Martin Parr and the team of amateur photographers. A wide range of genres, with photography to inspire and inform

  • 10 UK Wildlife Photography Awards |  book review
  • photographers against wildlife crime |  book review
  • Coincidences: New York by Chance by Jonathan Higbee |  book review
  • book review on photography in japan

    book review on photography in japan

    February 3, 2020

    This gripping study of how a formerly feudal society embraced photography in the 19th century is a must read, says Geoff Harris

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