Patrick Reed’s irregularities on and off the golf course are addressed in a new book

Patrick Reed had a fairly successful golf career, but he was continually accused of alleged improprieties on and off the golf course.and some are covered in Shane Ryan’s new book “The Cup They Couldn’t Lose”.

This isn’t the first time Reed has appeared in one of Ryan’s books, as in 2015 he wrote about the golfer’s controversial college career.

The controversial college career of Patrick Reed

He told how in 2008, Patrick Reed was enrolled at the University of Georgia in Athens, before being kicked out of the golf team due to violating team rules regarding alcohol more than once.

Patrick Reed was arrested for underage drinking and possession of a fake IDplaced on probation and ordered to perform community service.

His teammates turned on him once a watch, putter and $400 in cash disappeared from the locker room, while they suspected Reed took them, charges which Reed denied.

So Reed would end up attending another college, Augusta State, but he was again accused of wrongdoing on several occasionsafter allegedly shaving features off its dashboards.

His his teammates wanted to kick him out of the teambut the coach decided to hand him a two-match ban instead.

With Reed leads Augusta to two national titlesthe second coming in a confrontation with his former college and teammates, Georgia.

Patrick Reed was not far from controversy as a pro

In 2019, he was selected by Tiger Woods for the Presidents Cup and many believed the golfing legend had made a deal with the devil, due to Reed’s unpredictability.

And at the Hero World Classic before the Presidents Cup, Reed was caught trying to improve the lie of his ball on more than one occasion and was penalized for it, but he later argued that the TV camera angles made it look worse than what actually happened.

With his rivals expressing their frustration on his actions.

“To give a bit of a bulls-t answer like the camera angle is enough up there,” said fellow golfer Cameron Smith, before adding.

“I have no sympathy for anyone who cheats. I hope the crowd gives it not just to him but to everyone next week.”

Patrick Reed had to be assigned armed police to walk with him on the tournament course, while he was constantly verbally abused by the crowd.

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