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KOCHI: This confinement has taught at least some of us how important it is to have a hobby. Rather than spending endless hours surfing social media, having a passion that creates better prospects can be life changing.

If you’re someone with a photography savvy and are planning to give it a try, the Ooty-based Light and Life Academy of Photography, started by genius photographer Iqbal Muhammed, runs online classes. for those who are stuck at home.

The full course is divided into basic and advanced segments. The basic courses consist of 10 modules spread over 10 weeks. Participants have full access to the videos and can watch them at any time. This segment will be free until June 31.

The advanced category will feature individual videos that will introduce and teach the concepts, and participants will be invited to click on the images and upload them to a forum that will have other participants from the batch. This allows participants to see multiple perspectives and concepts and makes learning more practical. The Rs 10,000 course is available at a reduced rate of Rs 5,000 until June 31st.

“We are bringing together 20 years of academy education in this online course. Our founder would say that if you have the right basics, photography will come easily. We hope photography enthusiasts will learn some useful details,” says Prahlad Muralidharan , who leads e-learning. The course is available in nine different languages, including Malayalam. Register at www.llaonline.in or call 8939119886.

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