OF COURSE, Cubs prospect Cristian Hernández hit his first home run in the United States

Chicago Cubs prospect Cristian Hernández made his long-awaited United States debut last night, playing in the Arizona Complex League for the ACL Cubs.

Hernández was so well regarded as an international prospect that he not only earned the biggest IFA bonus in Cubs history, but he was already seeing some time on the top 100 lists at 17/18 before he even having made its debut here in the United States. The physical compositions have been so supernatural that I’m hesitant to even share them. (It’s Alex Rodriguez and Manny Machado. Don’t do this to the child…. )

How do you experience this hype when you play your first game in the United States?

You hit a home run on your very first at bat, of course:

That sound was LOUD. I also love hearing the reaction of the crowd, including – I think – the videographer who quizzically says, “That was a bomb?!?!” (happy laughter follows)

Look again at how inflated that ball was, and you’ll understand even better how those in attendance at the hearing couldn’t believe it came out:

Of course, that’s partly because the bullet is heading towards the camera, creating a bit of an illusion that it’s more of a popup than it was. But still, it’s not a perfectly laced ball, and it goes into the opposite field. For this thing, hauling more than 380 feet is pretty wild. Oh, and then you remember that Cristian Hernández is still a skinny 18-year-old who is going to fill in a lot more. This tour is special.

And this is just the very first.

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