New MZed Course: Quick Editing in Final Cut Pro with Dave Maze

One of Final Cut Pro’s main attractions is speed, but it takes a few tips to learn how to optimize your workflow for maximum efficiency. Today we’re excited to launch a brand new course on MZed: Speed ​​Editing in Final Cut Pro with Dave Maze.

Dave Maze has made a career out of being fast. Before becoming a video creator, Dave was a magician who could surprise audiences with his sleight of hand. Then he moved on to wedding cinema where he made same-day edits that brought couples and guests to tears mere minutes after their dance floor shenanigans. And then Dave moved on to YouTube, where he hosted Indy Mogul and now runs his own very successful YouTube channel.

Dave even created the most popular gif for the term “editing” and it’s all about speed!

What’s Dave’s thing? How can you post multiple videos a week to YouTube or edit client videos so quickly that you have more free time to pursue other clients or personal work?

It all comes down to smart use of Final Cut Pro, which comes set up by default for fast editing, no matter what type of video project or content you’re working with. And Dave will show you his favorite tips and techniques that will make you a faster, more efficient editor than you imagine.

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Quick Edit in Final Cut Pro with Dave Maze – Lessons

So what will you learn in this 3 hour course? Let’s dive into each lesson.

Lesson 1: Organizing Your Sequences

In the first lesson, Dave walks you through the best approach to importing media from a camera, setting up a Final Cut Pro library, events, and projects, and organizing footage in a way that prepares you for faster editing.

Lesson 2: The Fundamental Change

Dave shows you how to set up a project, create the edit, load your audio and LUT, and speed up the workflow with compound clips and copy-and-paste attributes.

Lesson 3: Add a B-roll

Once you have the basic set up, you can start establishing the B-roll. Dave shows you his tips for setting up and using keyboard shortcuts, optimizing workflow, and focusing on creative editing as you speed up that part of the editing process.

Lesson 4: Becoming a Meme Lord

If you are a YouTube video creator, you will most likely need to use external media to spice up your content. Dave shows you his workflow for downloading and using images, videos and special effects from the web to enhance your video editing.

Lesson 5: Text and Titles

One way to speed up an edit in Final Cut is to create all of your titles and text templates in advance. In this lesson, Dave shows you how to work with titles in Final Cut, as well as create custom templates in Apple Motion.

Lesson 6: Basic Color Correction

Dave shows you how to quickly color the correct LOG media, use color wheels, masks, effects, and how to create templates to speed up the process.

Lesson 7: Add music

In this lesson, Dave shows you his favorite ways to find and work with music tracks in Final Cut Pro.

Lesson 8: Export

Even though the interface is simple, there are actually several different ways to export video from Final Cut Pro. Dave shows his favorite export method for YouTube and how you can optimize this last step of the quick editing process.

Lesson 9: Final Thoughts

Dave wraps up the Quick Editing in Final Cut Pro lesson with some final thoughts.

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What if you’re already an FCP editor?

I switched to FCPX the day it was released over 10 years ago, and it has become an essential part of my life as a video producer/shooter/editor. I have also taught many in-person workshops on using FCPX for short documentaries. So, I feel like I know Final Cut Pro pretty well. Yet, watching Dave Maze’s course, I realized there’s a whole world of YouTube content creation that requires a lot more speed from an editor than client work.

In the course, Dave demonstrates how a YouTuber pretty much needs to have it all dialed before plugging in the current edit. From preset titles and effects to shortcuts for music and transitions, and even his favorite way to grab videos and images from the web to spice up his own content (while crediting the original creators). There’s a whole system for being able to upload 1-2 videos a week – or more if you’re crazy. And the Final Cut Pro courses really don’t cover this type of demanding workflow.

So even if you already know FCP, I highly recommend you check out this course. We can all learn a thing or two from Dave, who tinkered with his workflow and methods for years to fully optimize his editing strategy.

Go fast editing in Final Cut Pro with Dave Maze.

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What do you think? Have you found any good Final Cut Pro speed hacks? Share your experience below in the comments!

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