MVAG Hosts Spring Art Exhibition



MVAG President Aimee Potts stands among a group of small paintings at the guild’s spring art exhibition held at Old Logandale School last weekend. PHOTO BY MAGGIE MCMURRAY/Progress

It was a busy weekend at Old Logandale School as the Moapa Valley Art Guild (MVAG) held its annual spring art show for the public. The Guild is made up of valley dwellers who love art and the creative process. The group has a tradition of holding events in the spring and fall to showcase what they’ve been up to and invite anyone interested to join.

There were many beautiful paintings on display at the show, from oils to acrylics to watercolors and more. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The Art Show also welcomes members who produce any type of art or craft and many fabulous creations were on display.

“We love for anyone interested in art to join us,” said MVAG President Aimee Potts. “If you don’t do anything now, come and learn. We have painters, jewelry makers, wire sculptures, fabric arts and sewn items, children’s wooden toys and many other decorative items.

Although this year’s Spring Fair featured many fabulous arts and crafts, it was also a demonstration of the creative process. Guild member Susan Perez was there actively involved in creating a masterpiece as people walked around and watched the demonstration.

Perez was working on a painting of cactus flowers recreated from a photograph taken by former MVAG member and The Progress writer Catherine Ellerton, who died last year. Upon completion, Perez plans to name the work “Catherine Ellerton Cactus” in Ellerton’s honor.

Perez loved having showgoers stop and chat with her. “It’s fun to have a show like this,” she said. “He introduces art to people and especially children.”
Perez has stated that in addition to creating her own art, she enjoys teaching art to others; especially children. She recently took classes on how to introduce seniors to art.
“Art is an outlet for all ages,” she said.

Among the many handicrafts available for purchase were a range of spiders, scorpions, ants, dragonflies and butterflies made from beads, which were big hits. There was even an amazing beaded and wire rattlesnake.

Guild member Tammy Barrett was there with hand-sewn items and home decorations created by her family. She had made chickens, complete with eggs; bunnies with hand-sewn carrots; hand-sewn Easter baskets and gnomes for every season and holiday.

Barrett said she loved being a member of the Art Guild because “I can see what everyone else is doing and get inspired.”

Visitors to the art exhibition were suitably impressed. Adriana Ramos came with her daughter, Saltana, originally to see Grandma Kim Delgadillo’s watercolors. But she was quickly drawn to the beauty of all the art on display.

“The artwork was fantastic,” she said. “It’s really amazing to see the talent that people have in this valley.”
Potts was very pleased with the visitor turnout this year. “We’re so excited for the great turnout we’ve seen,” she said. “Especially considering everything that’s going on.”

Potts further invited anyone interested in arts or crafts to join the MVAG, which meets every Thursday at 10 a.m. at Old Logandale School.

In addition to the spring show, the Guild is planning a show at the Lost City Museum in April, a few shows in Mesquite and, of course, the hugely popular Pomegranate Arts Festival in November.

Potts also said they are planning several fun workshops to draw people in. And they will continue their popular summer art series for young people.

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