MrBeast Claims Copycat YouTubers Are “Getting Out of Control” Stealing His Ideas

YouTube star Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson called out other YouTubers who copied his content to get views.

MrBeast has enjoyed huge success on YouTube in 2021 and 2022. Having reached the milestone of 100 million subscribers, he has also broken records with his mind-blowing content, one of his most memorable being his recreation Squid Game IRL.

It’s no surprise, then, that various YouTubers also wanted to get a taste of the action in hopes of getting half of the success that MrBeast achieved.

However, various creators took the opportunity to completely copy MrBeast’s content, which became increasingly frustrating for the 24-year-old.

MrBeast calls on creators to stop copying his content

On September 18, MrBeast shared his response after a fan Louis-Philippe Papineau expressed their displeasure that more and more YouTubers are copying MrBeast’s content formula.

“I’m so tired of MrBeast impersonators,” they tweeted. “We’ve all been there, we’ve all [tried] this. But now it’s time to move on […] Keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to copy others when we start out, this is how we create our own identity.

MrBeast agreed to add that the situation was starting to spiral “out of control”, even for him.

Well-known for his various good deeds, MrBeast has given several up-and-coming YouTubers a helping hand by sharing tips to help their popularity grow. But many have gone ahead and copied his style in order to attract viewers, which is causing growing concern among YouTube creators like TommyInnit.

A famous MrBeast copycat incident in 2019 involved fellow YouTuber Morgz as the two got into a long-running feud over who was stealing whose content.

MrBeast certainly doesn’t struggle to hit viewer count every time he posts a new video. However, given the time and amount of money he spends creating them, it is undoubtedly frustrating to see other designers copying his signature style.

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