Mobile Mondays: 9 ideas for sharing your photos Instagram Guides

Instagram guides allow you to create curated lists of posts from your Instagram account and other accounts. Originally rolled out for select exercise and travel influencers, they are now available to everyone and have many uses for wedding photographers, portrait photographers and more.

In this series on Instagram guides, we looked at how to create them and ideas for wedding photographers to use the guides to attract ideal clients. Now let’s see where you can share your guides to distribute them to your audience.

Where to share your Instagram guides to connect with your audience

Once published, guides appear in your feed for your followers and a dedicated tab appears on your profile page. But you can get much more out of the work you put into your guide.

Each guide has a unique link that you can copy using the To share button, and that’s where we’ll start. For example, this guide for my Promptographer blog.

Where to share Instagram guides: Make sure you get the most out of your work by distributing your guides to customers, other vendors, and more.

Create a short link with Rebrandly

First of all, if you want to share the bare link, you need to rename it. Instagram’s link will be long and ugly, so (please) use a tool like Rebrandly to spruce it up. I’ve tried a number of link shorteners over the years and Rebrandly is my favorite. At the time of writing, you can add up to five custom domains on their free plan (that’s crazy). You can also use their default short link domain if you don’t have your own.

woman sharing instagram guides
It’s easier for your guide to be shared word-of-mouth and in-text if you create a branded shortcut.

Registering a short domain is as easy as registering your normal website URL, and they often cost less than $15 per year. Rebrandly lets you register a new domain directly through your account, or you can register it wherever your main URL is (like GoDaddy) and then point it to your Rebrandly account.

When choosing a short domain, choose something similar to your main domain, but abbreviated. For example, if your main website is, a great short domain would be or something similar. I have a few short domains for different purposes including, and

Don’t forget to customize the slash tag (ie what comes after the domain) to make it easier to use and remember. For example,

Share your link to your Instagram guide on other social networks and offline

Now that your guide is abridged, share it on other platforms. Pin it to the top of your Twitter profile; share it on your Facebook page, etc. Print it on flyers, business cards or postcards.

where to share instagram guides
Get your guide out by sharing the short link.

Embed Instagram guides on your website

OK, now that we’ve covered the easiest and most obvious ideas for sharing your Instagram guide, let’s dive into some of the other options.

When thinking about where to share your Instagram guide, think about where your customers are looking for the information. If you’ve created a fashion guide for model clients, for example, having a page on your website with “FAQ on your model portfolio photo shoot” would be a great place to embed a guide showing clients how to plan photo shoots. held for their session.

In the Guide’s share menu, you’ll find the To integrate button that will give you the code to copy. All website builders should have a block of code you can paste it into.

This is an extremely versatile way to share your Instagram guide because you can talk to people where they come to find you, without duplicating effort. It also means that you can save storage space and loading time on your website, as large image files are served by Instagram’s mega network of fast image servers, instead of the your website host. Website load times are a big determinant of how long visitors stay on your website. Therefore, using Instagram guides in this way can help you in more ways than one.

Use Instagram guides as part of your local SEO blog marketing strategy

socks baby clothes
Connecting with your ideal client via guides can also be incorporated into your local SEO marketing.

In the previous article in this series, I talked about creating a guide to sharing your favorite places with your customers. If you have a blog on your website, using built-in guides like this can be a great way to work on your local SEO strategy. Depending on your photographic specialty, you can write blog posts on:

  • Wedding venues or local restaurants
  • Gyms or fitness classes
  • Local shops that sell cute baby/kids clothes
  • Nearby beaches, forests and fields make great shooting spots
  • Local Business Networking Opportunities
  • Markets or pop-ups that would interest your ideal customer

Use an SEO plugin to optimize your on-page text and illustrate with helpful guides to drive people from search to your website to your Instagram with a single piece of content.

Because guides can be created with posts from any account, photo attribution is already done, and you’re not taking other people’s content and reposting it on your site (like, for example, downloading images, re-uploading and publishing in a blog post). This saves a lot of time and effort.

As a bonus, if your guide is thoughtful and helpful, the accounts you feature there can also share it with their audience.

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