Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas That Look Sexy AF When Grown

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to move on or make a post-breakup change, changing hair color is an electrifying way to change up your look.

However, while a good hair transformation excites us, sometimes your wallet and your schedule just aren’t the same.

While hair color transformations do require upkeep, some require constant upkeep, like regular root touch-ups and occasional lightening treatments.

And when all is said and done, the time and money spent caring for your sexy new hue can add up quickly.

Since not all of us can afford $$$$ touch-ups, we scoured the web for low-maintenance hair color ideas that will serve you for months and look even sexier as you grow up.

Here are some of the trendiest and most revered.

Classic Highlights


You can never go wrong with a classic look. It gives you that bold look you need for a quick vacation and still looks professional for your office day.

Additionally, classic wicks, when done naturally, can stay touchless for two, four, or even six months.

blonde babylights


Babylights are fine, fine highlights subtly placed throughout your locks. They help add color while maintaining low maintenance and a natural look.

Best of all, the longer the Babylights grow, the softer your hair feels. And, you can customize the look by choosing to get lighter or darker Babylights to lighten or darken your look.

Basic scan


Balayage on naturally dark hair? Sexy. Transparent. Unbeatable. Hello, red carpet. Plus, it’s as low maintenance as it gets, so yaay!

Sexy Ombre


If you’re looking to change your hue but can’t worry about touch-ups, go for the ombre.

Thanks to the effortless transition between lowlights and highlights, ombres develop naturally without the need to use color-correcting shampoos or conditioning treatments.

If you’ve ever walked the pastel path, you know this is a major plus.

shadow roots


Ombre rooting is the way to go if you have dark hair and are looking to give your locks that summer glow without giving your natural color the boot.

The casual, low-maintenance color is all about embracing your dark roots with additional pops of dark brown or blonde to create dimension.

Semi-permanent advice

Looking to rock a bold mane without committing to color work and regular touch-ups? Try demi-permanent tips or dipped tips.

Ammonia-free dye work is a great way to get creative and experiment with color without causing irreversible hair damage.

The current trend is rocking statement shades like dark blue, pink, or purple, which tend to last up to 24 shampoo uses, fading in a gradual but picture-worthy way.

Peek-A-Boo Perfection

Have you ever wanted to embrace a bold, fun and mysterious color trend, but felt you couldn’t commit to such a colorful hue? Well, peek-a-boo shades might be what you need.

Much like childhood play, this color involves a game of hiding, then showing off – you keep the top layer of your natural mane and hide colorful hues underneath.

So when you wear your hair down (in the office), your enemy won’t be able to see the vibrant hues.

However, you reveal a bold, colorful and stylish surprise when you rock a bun or do a side sweep.

What else…

It’s totally customizable, you can get away with rocking pastels, and since you’re only dyeing the base layers of your locks, you can get away with skipping a touch-up or two.

trendy bronde

boho locs

Have you ever looked at Pinterest-worthy hair and couldn’t describe the hair color? Is it blonde, is it brunette, or is color blindness finally catching up with you?

More than likely, this shade is what millennials have dubbed “bronde.” Brought to life by supermodel Gisele Bündchen, the sultry and sophisticated hue is the ultimate year-round color thanks to its low-commitment nature.

Chic Tortoiseshell


Go the tortoiseshell way if you have jet black or dark brown locks but still want to get into the balayage wave.

Subtle streaks of melted caramel and honey highlights are woven through your hair, with most of the color concentrated on your ends.

The hue looks exceptionally gorgeous when paired with curls.

Midway Tints


If you want bold, statement shades that fit effortlessly into your Instagram feed, mid-rise shades should be your go-to.

These let you play with color without worrying about constant upkeep (you’re coloring your hair from below, making root touch-ups unnecessary).

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