Love Book Recommendations: 10 Love Books Everyone’s Talking About

The run-blind Netflix adaptation of this steamy historical romance series has taken the world by storm, so why not give the source material a try?

The Bridgerton Julia Quinn’s novels are a collection of eight Regency-era romance books that revolve around the noble Bridgerton family, and each book is written from the perspective of a different member of the family.

Readers praised the series for its ability to create romance between characters, steamy sex scenes, and well-integrated use of the Victorian setting. If you like historical fiction and bodice romances, you’ll love Bridgerton.

However, if you come to the series from the netflix show, be prepared to adjust your expectations. Bronte Gossling, 9Honey’s period drama enthusiast, says readers should “be prepared to be disappointed by some characters and loved ones you hated on the show.”

Indeed, some of the characters’ traits were transferred to different family members in the television adaptation.

Moreover, the first book in the series The duke and me was criticized for including a marital rape scene between Simon and Daphne.

The other books in the series were generally well received. The second payment, The viscount who loved me is a fan favorite. A tale of foes to lovers filled with banter and tantalizing chemistry, it led to the iconic line, “You are the bane of my existence, and the object of all my desires.”

According to the authoryou can read the books in any order, so feel free to start from the beginning or, if you’re a fan of the series, you might prefer to start from your favorite character’s perspective!

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