LianTronics assists AIE with the world’s first film and virtual production course

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is building its own Hollywood-quality virtual LED volume production studios at different campuses in Australia.

The world’s first specialized course in film and virtual production is set to be launched by AIE in February 2022, with exclusive virtual production studios assembled by high-end LianTronics LED video walls.

As a pioneering educator, AIE (the Academy of Interactive Entertainment) trains many professionals in the games, animation, and cinematic visual effects industry each year. With the announcement of film and virtual production courses set to take place in early 2022, AIE is building its own Hollywood-quality LED volume virtual production studios at various campuses across Australia.

The high-performance curved LED walls of AIE’s virtual studios, assembled by Pilot 2.6 LED panels upgraded by LianTronics, have been integrated into the virtual sets to provide a full-fledged immersive atmosphere that meets AIE’s need for showcase and teach virtual filmmaking and production. .

As an important part of virtual production studios, LED backgrounds feature 7680Hz high refresh rate, 144Hz frame rate, 16/22-bit grayscale, 1500nits brightness, a wide color spectrum and accurate color restoration to deliver stunning in-camera performance. “Realistic reflections and a natural light source generated by LED backgrounds have eliminated many of the problems faced by conventional green screens, delivering content-accurate presentation and an immersive real-time virtual world.” introduced Willie Liu, CEO of Liantronics.

“With an acute perception of the potential demand within the virtual production industry in this rapidly emerging technology, Liantronics has tried its best to develop a LED virtual studio display solution to meet more needs. market,” Liu commented. “We have also conducted several projects relevant to xR in Europe and America, and so far we have developed products and technologies related to xR visuals to meet the needs of our customers around the world.”

As an integral part of the new course, these high-end immersive studios engaged early on with numerous learners and filmmakers to experience cutting-edge virtual production techniques first-hand as the IEA hosted several open days across its various campuses. from last year.

“The collaboration with AIE gives Liantronics not only authoritative recognition in the virtual production industry, but also a profound impact in the field of education. And we believe that the long-standing strategic partnership with AIE will uncover more possibilities for the next generation of immersive content creators and professionals,” added Liu.

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