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Jimmy Chin, a famous National Geographic adventure photographer, has unveiled his very first course for aspiring photographers.

Watch some of the most iconic and moving adventure footage of the 21st century – from Alex Honnold’s remarkable free-to-play El Cap solo to Conrad Anker’s heart-wrenching adventure in “Meru” – and there’s a good chance Jimmy Chin has captured them.

The famous photographer has accompanied many of the world’s most daring adventurers on epic journeys, and for good reason: he takes the picture. And now for the first time you can learn how of man himself.

“Proud to present my very first online adventure photography course via MasterClass,” Chin tweeted this morning. “Over 20 video courses covering much of what I have learned over the past 20 years of my job.”

Balancing Act: The Busy Life of Jimmy Chin
Balancing Act: The Busy Life of Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin climbs the tallest mountains in the world, takes photos for the most prestigious publications, acts in films and runs a growing business. How does he integrate all of this into his daily life? Read more…

Jimmy Chin teaches adventure photography

Chin’s course will cover on-location shooting, composition, equipment and lenses, editing, commercial and editorial photography, and more. The class costs $ 90 for Chin’s instruction alone or is available as part of the MasterClass $ 180 / year subscription.

Alex Honnold Free Solo Interview Jimmy Chin, E. Chai Vasarhelyi
Directors E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Chin on the set of “Free Solo”

Registrants will receive 20 video lessons hosted by Chin and a downloadable eBook with additional materials. Additionally, Chin will criticize the uploaded works of some students.

Here’s a look at Chin’s classes:

Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Class

  • On site: climbing photo shoot
  • On site: portraits and natural light
  • Capture your passions
  • Principles of storytelling: concept, research and arguments
  • Principles of storytelling: filming and editing
  • Photo studies: shoot to the top
  • Commercial work: presentation and work with clients
  • Business Case Study: Canon Shoot
  • High stakes photography
  • Photographic studies: creative partnerships
  • Build and lead a team
  • Photographic studies: mountain architecture
  • Editing
  • Post-processing: Conrad on the wall
  • Post-processing: Portrait
  • Equipment: cameras, lenses, power and storage
  • Settings: modes, ISO, focus and depth of field
  • Career advice: Building a body of work
  • Becoming a photographer: Jimmy’s story
  • Conclusion: Be present during your trip

To learn more about MasterClass or to register for Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography, visit the course page.

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