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Blogs can refer to anything self-published online, including photography, writing, and other forms of media containing information. Blogging has become a popular practice in most parts of the world. Blogging can help you rank your business in search engines, engage with your audience, and attract visitors who turn to you. There are four common types of blogs: personal, professional, niche, and affiliate blogs. There are several online offerings with blogging courses that can help you or your business.

Popular Blogging Courses

Here is a list of the most popular online blogging courses to keep you up to date with the latest blogging trends and practices.

Blogging for Beginners – How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Starting with what blogging is, the Blogging For Beginners – How to Start a Blog & Make Money course shows you step-by-step how to create a successful WordPress blog. The lessons cover proper blogging procedures, setting up your website, finding your audience, creating blog content, generating income with your blog, as well as advanced blogging and email marketing.

3-Step Writing System: The Secrets of Blogging and Writing

3-Step Writing System: Blogging & Writing Secrets is a guide to becoming a freelance blogger/writer. The course includes a 3-step plan to turn you into a professional blogger, stand out, and get noticed. It shows you how to collect ideas, organize and organize ideas, and develop and publish ideas.

Blogging for a Living – Perfect Project on a Low Budget

Blogging for a Living – Perfect Small Budget Project shows you how to create a fully developed blog on any topic. It also shows you how to monetize your blog with high commission digital products and create accounts with the best affiliate network. Additionally, it shows how to create logos and headers, write articles, and create pages.

Be a professional blogger! The Complete Steemit Cryptocurrency Course

Be a professional blogger! The Complete Steemit Cryptocurrency Course will teach you how to make money by posting blogs, vlogs, and content on Steemit. Lessons begin with setting up your Steemit profile. It then covers the basics of cryptocurrency, how to buy and sell it, and how to invest in the Steem and Steemit community.

Blogging Masterclass – Learn how to start blogging today!

In this Blogging Masterclass, you’ll learn the benefits of blogging by starting with the fundamentals of blogging and content writing. You’ll learn about selecting topics for your blog, tools for finding content ideas, tools for creating and posting consistently, and blog writing structure. Additionally, it explores LinkedIn blogging and its features.

2022 Blogging Bootcamp: Creating a successful and profitable blog

2022 Blogging Bootcamp teaches you how to start a blogging business and all proven blogging content strategies. It will teach you niche strategy, social media strategies, and traffic boosting techniques. Plus, it shows you the blogger’s toolkit, writing techniques, how to do your own PR, time-saving techniques, and how to monetize your blog.

Guide to Blogging for Lifestyle and Fashion Enthusiasts by Mimi G

Curated by award-winning trend expert Mimi G, The Lifestyle and Fashion Enthusiast’s Guide to Blogging teaches you the basics and common pitfalls of blogging. It also teaches you how to create content (blogging and vlogging), personalize your blog, your selection of images and photographs. It is used to expose on social networks, promote and monetize your blog.

Blogging Masterclass: How to Create a Successful Blog

Updated for 2022, the Blogging Masterclass course teaches you how to create a successful blog with the mindset of a successful blogger. The masterclass includes creating a website using WordPress, SEO, developing a system for planning new content, selecting a font for your content, and promoting your content. It will also teach you how to build and operate an email list.

How to Create a Personal Blog in WordPress with Elementor Pro

Using Elementor Pro, you will learn how to create a customizable personal blog and blog posts in WordPress. You will be able to manage hosting with clients, setup and create the blog, and edit any part of a blog. It will cover all the technical parts, including the dynamic part of the website and the integration of an Instagram feed on the blog.

Viral Blogging 101: Blogging and Content Writing Masterclass

Viral Blogging 101: is a step-by-step guide to blogging and content writing, starting with brainstorming blog posts and post types, and creating a plan. The course expands to show you how to create and revise a draft, polish your message, craft a killer headline, and get your writing flowing.

Blogs make up about a third of all websites in the world, and a US-based blogger is reported to earn up to $51,000 a year. All of the courses mentioned above have a 30 day money back guarantee and give you a certificate of completion. Classes are also self-paced and contain progress tests. You’ll get lifetime access to learning materials, including videos, both on mobile and TV.

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