Jeff Conklin keeps the trump cards up his sleeve on the golf course

The Lancaster County golfer has a hole in an amazing streak that is incredible.

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. — On a hot day at Crossgates Golf Club, Jeff Conklin searches his bag and makes a choice for a club that will provide the perfect combination of distance and accuracy.

“It’s that swing where you have the opportunity to create the memory of a lifetime,” said golfer Jeff Conklin.

From May 2021 to April this year, golf-loving Conklin has been on a hot streak.

“It’s been awesome, it’s fantastic and I want more,” Conklin said.

Some would call this attitude a bit greedy, but Conklin is pinned and has racked up a number of aces.

“Five in the last year,” he smiles at the camera, knowing that’s more than people have in their lives.

It’s not a fable. Each of Conklin’s holes in one has been checked. It would be five holes in one at Crossgates Golf Club in Millersville.

“Five in a year is just crazy,” says Scott Greiner, who is often a playing partner of Conklin at Crossgates. He vouches for every swing.

“They were all with other people, all with our bands, and they were all legit,” Greiner said.

He’s not one to make up a story for a friend, as he’s the tournament chairman of the Lancaster County Golf Association.

The memories of each ace can be recalled at any time for Conklin.

“May 1, 2021, [I] Proceeded to [hole] 17, and hit a perfect seven iron right into it,” Conklin said.

“Now number two,” Conklin continued. “[The] the sunlight was so strong that we couldn’t see it entering the hole. November 11, on the 13th hole, a nine iron just a perfect shot right in front, we jump off the pin and go home.”

Ace number four is the one Greiner remembers best, “The fourth, to be honest, was the biggest,” he beams.

Conklin plays it slow, “I got to the sixth hole, that was the only hole I hadn’t hole-in-one on at [Crossgates].”

Greiner says he saw it coming.

“I screamed and said, ‘Jeff, you need one for the Crossgates slam, let’s get this over with. And he hit the ball and we knew it was around the hole.”

Conklin off the tee could only stare, “Just a perfect eight iron, the sun was dazzling, we couldn’t see it for sure.”

But they let everyone know that the bullet was in the clown’s mouth.

“Until they got on the green, we didn’t know he was in the hole,” says Greiner. “We heard everyone screaming and screaming and we were like, ‘Oh my God, you got the 4th!'”

Four aces in a year, Conklin wasn’t going to stop.

“Then this year I actually hole-in-one on April 13, 2022 on the 17th hole.”

Expectations now that Conklin and his group have reached a par three are high.

“We’re disappointed if he’s not really close or getting a hole-in-one,” Greiner laughs knowing the expectation is unrealistic.

Conklin knows it too. “I thought I had crashed and died,” he said. “I asked my friends if I was dead because it was weird to go hole-in-one almost every week, but I loved it!”

Always ticking and always rocking. Conklin continues to search for those aces.

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