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Imagine a future scenario where patients don’t have to travel long distances or spend too much time talking to their doctors face-to-face, and doctors can easily access their patients’ daily health data remotely, allowing patients, physicians, health plans and managers to stay seamlessly connected.

Today, consumer electronics manufacturers and scientists see new possibilities for using these tools – smartphones, apps, smartwatches – to help people live healthier lives through digital health treatment and detect problems at an early stage.

The growing trend of consumer digital health devices has contributed to the continuous expansion of the digital health industry. The global digital health market recorded $145.57 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 16.9% from 2022 to 2028, according to US market research firm Vantage Market Research.

The booming industry has enabled more consumers to use health tools to monitor their own health. Health devices go beyond simply tracking walking steps, monitoring heart rate and calories burned during a workout, or counting hours slept. The tools can do much more in the future, potentially helping more people access quality health care and prevent costly surgeries and treatments by diagnosing cardiovascular disease, cancer or other diseases at an early stage. early. “Digital health is a cultural transformation that creates a new status quo, where the relationship between a doctor and a patient becomes an equal partnership,” said Dr. Bertalan Mesko, director of the Medical Futurist Institute in an interview.

Dr. Timothy Weadon, Director of Hardware Engineering for Health, OPPO. Credit: Orit Bar-Or

Dr. Timothy Weadon, OPPO’s Director of Hardware Engineering for Healthcare, explained these trends to TechNode, saying, “One of the key aspects of change over the next five years will be to bring clinically validated measurements and bridging the gap between part of the consumer device industry. and part of the real medical industry.

Weadon also believes that in the future, the telemedicine industry can be well promoted by consumer device companies with its high connectivity between health data and digital health devices, and these devices will show up in all forms, not just portable devices. “I think we’re going to start seeing more touchless care where you can have various monitors tracking your health metrics and quantifying with you while having minimal interaction,” he added.

New startups to revolutionize digital health

From May to August, the OPPO Research Institute’s Innovation Accelerator calls for innovative proposals from around the world, holding regional demo events in Israel and India to find the most promising healthcare companies to work with. In its innovative program, OPPO selected ten startup teams for the regional roadshow in Tel Aviv, Israel. Candidates’ research areas also reflect the digital health trend. OPPO has seen two companies bring innovative ideas to personal healthcare through smart wearables and the ability to integrate data analytics: Facense and Docdok Health.

Launched in 2015, Facense is an Israeli company that develops smart glasses with head-mounted sensors for continuous signal measurement to monitor metrics such as head movement, steps, skin temperature and blood pressure. blood pressure for applications in various areas of health and wellness. For example, according to the company’s roadshow slide, its smart glasses can detect potential Covid symptoms based on these sensors.

Facense’s smart medical eyewear solution. Credit: Orit Bar-Or

Docdok Health is a company that provides CE certified software as a medical device application that provides personalized data-driven healthcare. The company has a three-step concept: connecting healthcare providers to their patients as the basis for personalized healthcare, compiling meaningful patient data, and running intelligent analytics to capture the complete patient picture, and apply the knowledge gained to improve patient outcomes.

The personal health solution from Docdok Health. Credit: Orit Bar-Or

Among the winning teams in the Israeli roadshow, OPPO saw a more hands-on company, Social Mind, which provides AI-based and evidence-based interventions for parents of children with autism, transforming high-quality autism care and large scope.

Social Mind’s solution and vision. Credit: social spirit

“Digital health is new and emerging. This requires community effort and engagement with other startups as well as healthcare institutions. In addition to innovative ideas, Weadon said he also looks for teams who bring creative ideas with passion. “I think a good team is not just a team that works hard or has good leadership, but it has to have passion and drive. I think it’s really important for people to work with passion to develop the next thing.

Preventive health care, find problems early

OPPO is a strong advocate of proactive and preventative healthcare. It launched OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator in May and included digital health as one of the project topics, and the other is accessible technology, aiming to push digitalization in healthcare, making healthcare services more personalized health care.

OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator. Credit: Oppo

The company plans to achieve its preventive health goals by applying holistic design concepts to its digital health devices. “As an engineer, I think of things as a system,” Weadon said, “the purpose of design is to have an impact to really enable and empower our users to have a better and better life. also to be able to go and enjoy the activities they have and help them with these devices.

When it comes to smartwatches, OPPO believes it’s about having real, accurate, and clinically meaningful information and creating a full-loop experience for users, so they can take that information and take decisions that lead to healthier lifestyles. And the company builds its devices invisibly and non-intrusively, hoping that users would set their devices and forget about them.

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