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5 convenient upgrades to increase style, function

(Family Features) Whether you’ve bought a new home or are just looking to invest in what’s probably your greatest asset, home improvements can make your living space more comfortable, functional and stylish.

According to a Zolo survey of over 3,300 new owners and potential first-time buyers in 2022.

Consider these popular upgrade ideas to create a space built for your family’s needs that can also increase resale value down the line.

home office
At the height of the pandemic, many professionals found themselves working remotely – a trend that continued as restrictions lifted. In fact, 46% of survey respondents indicated that dedicated office space is a must when buying a new home. When creating this space, keep function and efficiency in mind. Build your home office around a desk — standing or traditional — then consider additions like an ergonomic chair and keyboard, a soft-light desk lamp, mood-boosting plants, and a whiteboard to stay organized. Don’t forget to add touches of personality like artwork, trinkets, or photos of loved ones to make it your own.

By improving the overall look and functionality of dark spaces, such as home offices where natural light can enhance creativity and productivity, an option like skylights can increase the value of a home, and 55% of first-time homebuyers rated skylights as desirable or essential, according to research from the National Association of Home Builders. For rooms that need brightening, skylights can free up wall space for storage while adding plenty of natural light and increasing ventilation. An option like the Velux No Leak Fresh Air Solar Skylights helps rid indoor air of bacteria, volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide.

In the long term, high-quality skylights can also help reduce carbon emissions and household energy consumption, saving money on household bills, according to Urban Grade. Remote-controlled models can be opened to bring fresh air inside, and with light-filtering or room-darkening shades, homeowners have maximum control over exactly how much light they want. Additionally, solar shades are available in over 75 colors and patterns, giving homeowners nearly endless customization options. To learn more, visit

backyard retreat
Perfect for hosting friends, dining alfresco or simply relaxing with nature as a backdrop, 48% of survey respondents cited a garden retreat as a must-have amenity at home. Start with a deck or patio, then customize your outdoor living space to meet your family’s wants and needs. Weatherproof furniture can add comfort while features such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fans and lighting can create a connection with your indoor spaces that add both style and functionality.

walk-in pantry
If you’re looking to add a pantry to your kitchen, you’re not alone. Walk-in pantries made 48% of respondents’ must-have lists. To start, consider your storage needs to determine how much space you’ll need, and don’t forget to vary the height of the shelves to maximize space. Open shelving can also be combined with additional counter space, cabinets, pull-out organizers, and other features to help match the design to the rest of your kitchen.

home gym
Another trend that has grown in popularity amid the pandemic, home gyms can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, utilizing available space in the garage, basement, guest bedroom or even the backyard. Offering more time to fit workouts into your schedule, home gyms can be customized with the equipment most important to your lifestyle. From yoga mats, jump ropes, and free weights to treadmills, ellipticals, benches, and racks, your space, budget, and goals can help you create or update a dedicated home workout space.


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