Home Photography Ideas: Take a Still Life Photo with Your Favorite Drink

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Taking a stunning still life photo is one of the great pleasures of photography – and a great way to squeeze every pixel of detail out of your camera and lenses. However, many people struggle to find a suitable topic.

It’s not often that alcohol is the answer, but in this case the ideal still life subject is sitting in your beverage cabinet, as a beautiful, well-lit liquor bottle can produce amazing results.

This is also a good challenge for your lighting skills, as glass offers possibilities for striking reflections (whether you like them or not!), So controlling the light is essential. We used a bottle and glass of whiskey to create a classic still life that exudes a timeless style – and it’s super easy to set up and take pictures like this at home.

You don’t need any special gear, just a few lights (which could even be home desk lamps, rather than photography studio lights) and some scattering (which you can also create and enhance using affordable household items).

We’ve also used a slate tile as an attractive base on which to place our product, to make it even more appealing – and we also have a tip or two that others just won’t tell you, like using money. reflective or gold card.

The result is a breathtaking still life that would find its place in the pages of a glossy magazine advertisement …

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Shot of a Still Life: Raise a Glass!

01 Dress the stage

Set up your accessories in an attractive scene. We laid our props on a slate tile to create some texture, but wood would work too. We framed it in front of the wooden bar of an old whiskey store, but you could use a fireplace, window, or even a printed paper backdrop.

02 Use a tripod

Place your camera on a tripod to keep your hands free to adjust the reflectors and fill or empty the glass. Your choice of goal is not that important; we shot at 82mm, so your kit lens or a 70-200mm would be ideal.

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03 install lights

We placed two speed lights in soft boxes to the left of the bottle to illuminate the curved edge. They cover a wide area, diffusing light all over the left side of the bottle. We then hung a white shower curtain in front of the lights for further diffusion.

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04 shine the light

Now that we have the light installed, we need to bounce the light through the bottle. Cut a silver or gold card into the shape of the bottle, with one arm bent to support it. Position the card facing the light at 45 degrees, so that it reflects the light through the glass.

05 Slide shutter

We set the light to a power of ¼, then selected an aperture of f / 6.3 on the camera to blur the background. At ISO 100, we went from a shutter speed of 1/200 sec (sync speed) to 1/30 sec to lighten the background.

06 Lift the label

Now that the bottle and glass are starting to sing, the label needs a facelift as well. Cut the remaining golden card into a rectangle a little larger than the length of the label and hold it in front of the light. Experiment with the placement until you are satisfied.

07 Pretend

If you can’t afford the whiskey, or just don’t want to waste it all in one go, use weak tea! It looks like the whiskey in the photo and gives you the option to keep the bottle full. We promise not to tell anyone …

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