Home Photography Ideas: Take a POV Photo and Share Your View!

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Have you ever wished someone could see things from your perspective? Well, now you can share exactly that by taking a POV photo.

It’s a great way to take an expressive portrait of your surroundings as you see them, whether you want to expand your storytelling creativity or portray daily life during lockdown.

Don’t settle for a rushed phone pic, though – since you have some spare time, set things up properly and use your camera for a thoughtful point of view photo that will grab people’s attention on Facebook and Instagram.

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With a little planning and applying a few simple shooting techniques, you’ll end up with an image that tells a story that you’ll be proud of and that will leave people wondering how you took the photo.

The key to a successful POV photo is to be one with your tripod; you need to find a position where you can place your hands and feet in the image to give the viewer an idea of ​​what it is like from your point of view.

To avoid moving the camera during the exposure and to have both hands in the picture, use the self-timer. Remember, you’re trying to replicate how the human eye would see the scene, so make sure the right proportion of limbs are in your frame!

01 Set the scene

Choose what you want your image to say about you and include relevant props in the shot. A symmetrical scene, careful attention to the rule of thirds, and use of color can give your image greater impact.

02 Perfecting the point of view

To ensure your camera sees the scene as your eyes would, set the tripod to eye level and use a focal length of 30mm or less to fit everything into the scene. Don’t forget that your hands will also be in the composition.

03 Find your purpose

Use manual AF point selection to focus on one of your hands or an accessory you want to highlight. Put your hands (and feet!) in the frame, then use your DSLR’s self-timer mode to take a snapshot of your life.

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