Home Photography Ideas: Shoot abstract painterly images in color!

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Need photography inspiration while you’re stuck indoors? Well, look no further than your kitchen cupboards!

You’ll be surprised how creative you can get with a few household items, and for this project we’ll be producing colorful, abstract images using only foil and food coloring. It’s a simple setup – all you need is a table and some natural light from a nearby window to create your own tabletop studio, and a macro lens as you’ll need to focus near the leaf.

The effect is achieved by placing glasses of colored water next to or on a sheet of aluminum foil and photographing the reflections – the resulting shapes and textures create images with a beautiful painterly feel. As with everything, however, you will need to be patient and experiment to get the best results!

The tricky part is capturing a good composition, so adjust the foil and experiment with the position of the glasses of colored water until you get the effect you want. Using a macro lens is essential because the closer you get to the leaf, the better results you will capture. All that’s required in post-production is a simple increase in saturation and a negative clarity setting in Adobe Camera Raw to blur sharp details.

01 Position the sheet

Spread a sheet of aluminum foil on a table next to a window. A few folds in the foil will give the desired effect, so you don’t need to crease it – just create slight ripples.

02 Watercolors

Add food coloring to glasses of water and place them on or next to foil to create colorful highlights. One or two colors work best – any other will look too busy.

03 shoot freehand

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