Great ideas for dates in the rain – whether it’s a first date or a long term love

Finally, the heatwave is fading as the UK is set to see rain after weeks of drought and sunshine. But, after a fun summer of dates and drinks in the park, can we even remember how to date someone when the weather turns?

Whether it’s an awkward first date or a date with your longtime lover, here are seven dates that don’t depend on the sun.

Discover the free art scene near you

Galleries and museums are a fabulous – and often free – way to get out of the house and explore, without being outside. With interactive exhibits, famous works of art, or even something a little weird that you’ll question with your date, it’s a great place to go. Walking around and having something to focus on will break the tension, and there will always be something to talk about.

Be competitive with a couple’s cooking

Why not try a complete Come Dine With Me style challenge with your date? It could even then be a series of dates where you each have to serve a meal, drinks, and provide entertainment. Bring other couples on it for a fun way to catch up with friends and double date indoors.

Check out upcoming comedy nights happening nearby

Comedy gigs make for a great date, as there will be laughs (awkward or genuine) and there’s no need to hold on to straws to discuss topics. Being in the audience together creates an instant rapport, and even if it’s not the best act you’ve seen, you and your date will bond through the shared experience.

Often, shows for up-and-coming comedians include up to 10 acts and cost next to nothing – many being “pay what you can”. The best places to find gigs like this are normally in local pubs and on Instagram and Twitter, and are often referred to as New Act, New Material parties.

Organize a themed cocktail party at home

Get creative with the couple’s cocktails (Alamy/PA)

TikTok has been inundated lately with funny videos of friends hosting themed parties, making cocktails around a favorite movie or your work. Why not give it a go with a few themes each, and whip up a tasty drink for the other? Likewise, you can learn some of the classics, sit back with your date, and relax.

Get out your paints and show your date what you see (Alamy/PA)

Have you ever wondered how you look through your date’s eyes? Well, here’s one way to find out – based on their skill level. Get some paints, or even just a set of markers, maybe add a bottle of wine to the mix, put on some uplifting music and paint each other. You can use a photo or go full Van Gogh and paint from a still life, whatever you do, it’s a surefire way to have a laugh with your date.

Visit an independent cinema

A movie is a classic date choice for a reason (Alamy/PA)

A trip to the cinema in the rain is a soothing experience, but why not take it a step further and see what’s on at one of the smaller cinemas near you? They might show a classic you want to relive together or the latest blockbuster, but chances are it won’t cost you the world and will have a nice atmosphere.

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