Fundamentals of Portrait Photography Course

Part 1: Portrait Photography Basics
Fully interactive virtual learning
We’ll look at what to think about when preparing a portrait, including the type of portrait and its intended use, from expressive natural portraits to engaging posed portraits, from family and friend portraits to formal portraits, from street captures to artistic portraits, from social networks to printed matter. We’ll learn the importance of light in capturing mood and delve deeper into your questions about equipment, lens selection, the relationship between focal length and the prominence of facial features, evaluating backgrounds , etc.
Part 2: In-Person Portrait Photography Demonstration and Hands-on Practice*, Princeton, NJ
Thomas demonstrates how he sets up and works with a portrait subject. You will have the opportunity to do individual and group portraits and explore the nuances of light and pose.
*Students who cannot attend in person will be provided with portrait projects to complete.
Part 3: Photo review, questions and answers
Fully interactive virtual learning
We will discuss students’ accomplishments in portraiture and look at the improvements made by editing. You will leave this course with the skills and inspiration to create your own portrait portfolio.

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