Family and lifestyle blog, teaches parents creative DIY ideas to do with their children during the summer holidays, a family and lifestyle blog, has created a section on its site to teach parents creative DIY ideas they can do with their children to have a great time during summer vacation.

There’s nothing like creating something unique, especially when you’re a kid! Whether it’s a gift for mom and dad or just a fun art project, DIY projects let kids express themselves through creativity. They can be quite profitable for parents and guardians looking to provide fun activities.

Besides being fun for kids, did you know that DIY art projects for kids can have many health benefits?

Crafts are known to benefit children’s emotional, mental and physical health. Some of these benefits include:

• Stress reduction

• Stimulate social skills

• Strengthen problem-solving and decision-making skills

• Encourage self-expression

• Promote self-esteem

• Boost brain function

• Visual art activities can promote fine motor skills

• Improved hand-eye coordination

• Improve dexterity

• Reduction of anxiety, depression, etc.

That’s why kid-friendly has set aside a section to teach parents how to make the most of the holidays and the internet to create lasting bonds with their children. Among the crafts on the website is a step by step on how to make paper palm leaves. Then there is the step by step on how to make a paper bicycle with the simplified steps with suitable pictures.

There’s also a full tutorial on how to make a bouquet of flowers among other great tips and articles. According to blogger and owner of the platform, Maria Velniceriu: “Over the past few years, I have learned a lot about children and what they love the most. I had the pleasure of caring for a group of lovely children and realized that they cherish when they build things with parents and guardians.

Maria Velniceriu is also a photographer, entrepreneur, craftsman and foodie with a passion for inspiring not just children, but everyone to live a better life. “Browsing through my website you will notice that I love telling stories and consider myself an emotional storyteller who loves to travel, write and take photos, try new experiences and add passion to everything I do. .” she says.

Maria revealed that she is often crudely engaged in her work to bring the best to her readers. According to the brilliant blogger: “Writing and photography are my main hobbies and I often find myself lost for hours at my computer desk, either writing a new article or editing new images for my blog. and to share them with you on various royalty-free platforms to enjoy and use for your business.

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