Even More Home Photography Ideas You Can Try Today



Are you already bored at home? Well, don’t worry because COOPH photographers are doing their best even in these amazing times to provide you with new ideas and inspiration.


If you are looking for ways to get creative at home with your photography, then the amazing COOPH team has another great video tutorial that will fill you with new ideas.

This list of fun things you can photograph at home only uses things you should already have at home, meaning you can watch the tutorial and get on with your project right away.

Themes include food and drink (avocados and coffee in particular), macro photography in your freezer or sink, having fun with pans / dishes, taking portraits, taking on a one-color challenge, and using a ball. goal. There is also a fun theme right at the end that shows you how you can capture vacation photos right in front of your computer screen.


If you’ve never used a lens ball before, this is a fun prop that you can use to capture some really creative photos, but be careful if you use them in the sun as they can get really hot! You can pick them up on Amazon for not a lot of money if you wanted to experiment with one.

“Thank you” to the COOPH team for the inspiration!

Macro shot of ice cream

What did you photograph at home?

Do you have a favorite theme among the above? Or have you captured your own creative photos from home? Share your results with us in the comments below or in the gallery.

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