ESPN will of course have the most nauseating thing imaginable for Duke’s final game – A Dedicated Coach K Camera

[Source] – ACC Network, the national 24/7 ACC sports platform, will offer a second-screen viewing option of the UNC-Duke game at 6:00 p.m. Saturday by coupling the broadcast of the game with a dedicated camera on Coach K.

ESPN may also be bracing for criticism over how intensely they handle pre-game coverage on this; live reports on studio shows two days before a retirement (and one that was announced last June) is a lot, even for a 41-year career that sees Krzyzewski come away with the most wins in the history of Division I men’s basketball. And that’s before you get into additional details like detailed reports scheduled for College GameDay, ESPN coverage story of Wright Thompson, ESPN Daily podcast coverage of this Friday and the upcoming five-episode digital series Four Decades in Durham which is heading to ESPN’s YouTube channel starting March 7.

I guess the people asking for a dedicated Coach K cam like this are the ones who believe he was hurt all of 1995, never breached a recruiting violation or he’s basically Marty. It’s the grossest thing I’ve seen since the Zion camera returned to CBS during the NCAA Tournament. We just don’t need that. Coach K is annoying as shit on the sidelines plus when he loses his mind over opposing players, coaches or his own student section.

Speaking of student sections, Pitt has to shut down his entire program. First of all, they stink badly. Second, they were holding thank you signs yesterday. pitt. At Pit. Remember how awesome Pitt was? Yeah, that was a real home advantage with the Oakland Zoo. Now he supports Jeff Capel and K. Sad. Send them back to the Great East or stop the program.

But back to K. It’s not shocking that ESPN does. They have no sense of reality. They have no idea how sickening it is to have this all dedicated to K. That’s why the retirement tour he’s doing has been throwing up from day one. Look how they even promote all week for it.

We can have the K. Fine celebration. Have one on the channel. What do you think Bilas and the crew will be talking about on the main ESPN? K. What do you think they will talk about in the pregame? K. We will have a team Saturday punching the first ticket to the NCAA Tournament. We will have teams whose season ends on Saturday. Let’s also talk about it on a channel.

I’m ready for Sunday.

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