Edgar Wright to teach BBC Maestro course on filmmaking

Edgar Wright love movies. As anyone who watches (or re-watches) his films, hears him speak or simply follows his social media knows, the British writer-director behind Shaun of the Dead, Warm fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, the end of the worldand baby driver lives and breathes cinema. He’s consuming it at an almost alarming rate and he’s never afraid to use his favorite movies. Now the acclaimed filmmaker will have the chance to pass on his skills to a new class of up-and-coming storytellers, as he will soon team up with BBC Maestro to teach filmmaking. And luckily, you don’t have to join the waitlist to attend his class.

Much like MasterClass, BBC Maestro offers people around the world the opportunity to listen to masters of their craft share their insights and expertise, allowing us not only to get a glimpse of their mindset, but also to allow them to provide valuable lessons to anyone. who may want to join their given profession. In this case, you get the ultimate director’s commentary from Wright. The acclaimed British filmmaker will turn his camera inwards to allow audiences to hear and learn about his kinetic production process, which details “everything from his stylized edits and selection of soundtracks to how he is approaching his first day on set.” Considering that Wright makes the kind of goofy movies that you watch and wonder (or out loud), “How the hell did he even do that?”, these informative virtual lessons will hopefully be very beneficial. , engaging and informative for a new age of young and enthusiastic filmmakers.


Specifically, Wright’s Maestro will be divided into five compact lessons: “The Craft of Writing”, “Storyboards & Animatics”, “Casting & Directing Actors”, “Shooting Action Sequences” and, perhaps the most important lesson of all. , “Getting your movie seen.” Each lesson will be available on September 8.


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As someone who has made both low-budget genre films and large-scale blockbusters, Wright certainly has the expertise to erase the virtues and difficulties of filmmaking, and it’s easy to see how anyone looking to develop his art could value the lessons learned from his time in the director’s chair. Even if you don’t like his films, the veteran director is often outspoken and likeable, as well as knowledgeable and conversational, about what it takes to make a film that draws a large following – or, at least, a cult following. Filmmaking won’t always go smoothly, but Wright wants to help you be prepared and ready to make the decisions, no matter what challenges come your way.

Spanning four hours, Wright’s Maestro will be vast and expansive, but also a little pricey too. The company offers individual courses for $90, but on its website it also offers a one-year subscription for $120. It’s certainly not a small change, but if these film lessons put you on the path to success, maybe the investment is worth it. It’s up to you when Wright’s online courses become available next month. But one thing’s for sure: there’s a lot you can learn about movies from a guy who knows a lot about movies.

More recently, Wright helmed two notable films of 2021: The Sparks Brothersa documentary about the filmmaker’s favorite band, and Last night in Soho, the director’s first dive into the horror genre. It’s unclear what he’ll do next, as he’s been attached to a few potential projects, including a remake of The running man. But whatever Wright decides to direct in the future, it’s sure to generate a lot of interest, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn some of his skills and insights, all with the click of a button.

Check out an excerpt from Wright’s BBC Maestro course below:

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