Date like you’re 16 again – Corvallis Date Night Ideas

Dating is an essential part of any healthy relationship, and as every living person knows, the pandemic has made dating really, really difficult. With the advent of Hot Girl Summer 2.0 just around the corner, now seems like a good time to come up with some great date ideas for Corvallisites of all walks of life.

From budget dates to nights on the town, there’s something for everyone in Corvallis, so let’s take a look. BTW… Momoko Baker had some awesome ideas in this article, so let’s see what we can add.

Develop a skill together

When the phrase “developing skills” is introduced as a date idea, it’s not uncommon to get some weird looks — that’s okay.

One of the hardest parts of dating, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or in the early stages of a budding love, the truth is that learning together is a bonding experience. Take a cooking class together at Willamette Valley Kitchen. They are open again for in-person classes, and everyone there is vaccinated. Or paint pretty pictures with a good glass of wine at Paint and Wine Corvallis. You can even learn square dancing at Corvallis Square Dance Club. It doesn’t have to be a complicated course, but learning together can help you get to know each other and pick up some cool little talents at the same time.

And if it turns out that it’s something you’re good at and your partner isn’t (or vice versa), remember that it’s a date and not of a competition. It’s about bonding, not being the best at anything other than getting the attention of that special someone.

Go back to high school (for one night)

Do you remember going to the movies on the sly and making out in that old 1998 Camry – or maybe even a 1953 Olds? Why did they stop?

Most people look back to high school with (at least a few) fond memories, and even if you hated the experience, there’s nothing wrong with forgetting your age for one night. Throw away all the preconceptions of date nights of wine, steak, candlelight and sweet tunes and take a spin around town, grab a movie and some snacks and relive the summer nights of your childhood. The Whiteside is showing movies again. The dark side too. Or you can go to Circle Dr. and see something at the AMC.

It doesn’t have to be fancy – it’s what brought out so many of your memories. They were made with maybe five dollars in your name, a handful of friends, and exactly $12.70 worth of gas…paid for in pennies. So try your luck and relive a summer evening in high school with your partner.

Have children? No problem

The arrival of children is one of the most common causes of a decline in dating. While little buggers are certainly adorable, it can be hard to find privacy as a parent. Don’t be afraid to set up mini get-togethers if a full party isn’t planned.

Eat candlelit deli meats (okay, crackers and Tillamook cheddar) when the kids sleep in for the night. Have a drink together on the porch while the youngsters are at friends’ house. And if all else fails, grab a page from your kids’ books – host a couples tea party, have a LEGO building contest or just play catch.

As adults, it’s often easy to forget why kids love the things they do, and a moment of putting aside preconceived notions of what’s “fun” can bring a lot of surprising moments for partners. with the right mindset.

A dancing parties

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to clean up and dress up for the night. Going back to the idea of ​​”high school for a night”, why not organize your own prom night?

Dress up with your partner nine, turn off the lights, and play your favorite throwback tunes. And the best part? No attendants!

It might sound silly, but for many, prom and homecoming are incredibly memorable times, and there’s no good reason adults can’t relive those moments once in a while.

No matter what you do, it’s important to remember that this is a date. Now that we can get out of our homes again, why not plan something fun that you and your partner haven’t done in a while?

By Ethan Hauck

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