Daniel Arsham ‘CRYSTALISED SQUIRTLE’ Sculpture Art

Among his various explorations, the CRYSTALIZED series of sculptures has proven to be one of Daniel Arsham’s most revered works. From Greco-Roman statues to the bust of Gunnaeach piece aims to depict a time in the distant future when a civilization unearths the signs and symbols that make up the modern world.

After recently wrapping up an exhibit centered around his love for Pokémon, the acclaimed artist returns to the Kanto region in a new sculpture that pays homage to Squirtle, one of the game’s three founding characters. “Squirtle was one of my favorite Pokémon from the original series and was one of my first pieces of work when I got Pokémon’s invitation to work with them,” Arsham said via instagram.

Similar to the CRYSTALIZED CHARMANDER release in 2021, CRYSTALIZED SQUIRTLE is an edition of 500 which is made in resin and cast from a hand-sculpted Squirtle Arsham created for the aforementioned exhibition at NANZUKA in Tokyo.

Measuring nearly a foot tall, the sculpture weighs just under 16 pounds and also includes a holographic label verifying its edition number and authenticity. CRYSTALIZED SQUIRTLE will be released this Friday, July 29 at 12 p.m. ET at danielarsham.com/shop.

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