Creative Photo Ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, are you still running out of cute and creative ideas to capture the family and kids this year? Here are some super cute and creative Mother’s Day photography ideas with the little ones.

The present

I know it sounds simple, but giving kids a gift (even a fake one) will give them something to do. If they are old enough to follow simple instructions, it will work.

“Give mom a present.” More often than not, children will be happy to walk up to mom and give her a gift. Occasionally, the cheeky can also pick up a fake and throw it away. But it’s also cute and funny! Flowers can work here too, especially with boys.

The kiss and the hug

Along the same lines, asking the kids to hug and hug mom will often work too. Add a few tickles and you’ll soon see happy, smiling kids and moms.

snow angels

Do you have a little one who isn’t quite seated yet, or one who is a little older and doesn’t want to be pampered? Try some snow angels. I have a white mat that I use on the floor and the kids all seem to like making snow angels. No matter their age. You could even ask mom to participate too!


Whatever you do when working with small children, keep it simple and silly (KISS) and make it fun… photo shoots don’t require a lot of work. Even when things don’t go as planned, there are still pictures to be taken. And don’t forget to get creative with your Mother’s Day photography ideas.

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