‘Colors Inside’ on the Pleasanton Art League wall | New

“The easiest medium for me was photography, so I started taking pictures of the flowers I found,” Thomas said. “Photography was a nice way to show what I was seeing. It was a quick way for me to share that with people.”

Vanessa Thomas. (photo added)

With photography, Thomas pursues the beauty of nature, primarily with floral specimens: “It brings me peace and comfort when I take pictures because you can immerse yourself, and you can find those little bits of solace and calm. . That’s what I like.”

Thomas hopes his work will remind people to “keep supporting each other and connecting with things that add beauty to our lives.”

Finding connections and building relationships across the visual arts community in the Tri-Valley area has been important to Thomas, especially with the Dublin Arts Collective.

“It’s my way of connecting with the world and finding a space of mindfulness when life gets a little crazy,” she said. “You can find space to reflect and enjoy these moments.”

The exhibition is presented by the Firehouse Arts Center and the Harrington Gallery. Thomas’ exhibit, which opened last week, will run until September 3.

‘Lupins in Dublin’ image taken by local award-winning artist Vanessa Thomas. (Photo by Vanessa Thomas)

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