bmcc: Bmcc will start a filmmaking course next academic year | Pune News

Pune: The Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) will launch a Bachelor of Vocational Training (B Voc) course in Filmmaking and Drama approved by the University Grants Commission from the next academic year.
A 15,000 square foot “Bharat Srushti” studio will also be built at BMCC and will house training for students in various aspects of filmmaking including editing, acting, directing, photography, among others.
BMCC officials announced the course at a press conference on Tuesday.
Mahesh Athavale, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Governing Body of the Deccan Education Society, who addressed the press conference, said: “This is not just an academic course, but it is is a professional skills development program with the industrial interface from the start.
Over the years, BMCC has developed a rich culture of art, theatre, music and dance.
Seema Purohit, Director of BMCC, said, “One of the objectives of this course was to integrate the skills required for specific positions in the higher education system in order to create employable graduates. The need of the hour is to produce strong, well-trained media professionals who are ready to perform without further on-the-job training. While thousands of media professionals leave media institutes armed with a degree, very few truly possess the right degree of skills required by industry recruiters.
The BMCC BVOC department will provide a solid platform to train and nurture our next generations for the invasions and challenges to come. Purohit said, “The training will be the benchmark for the film, television and theater industry. At the end of the training period, students will be able to compete for jobs in the specialization of their choice. »

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