Big security ideas for small spaces

Whether you’re looking to move to a new place or moving into your first apartment, there are several simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

“Living in an apartment building poses unique challenges to consider when considering security ideas.

“Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to make sure no unwanted visitors can access your personal space,” said Charnel Hattingh, marketing and communications manager for armed response company Fidelity ADT.

Most crimes are opportunistic acts, she added. This means that criminals seek out what they perceive as easy or ‘soft’ targets.

In an apartment building, they could potentially make their way to your front door without anyone noticing their presence.

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“A key difference between a home security plan and an apartment security plan is the number of entry or exit points.

“The physical nature of an apartment means there are fewer entry and exit points to secure than with the average home,” Hattingh said.

Before moving into your new building, think carefully about where your apartment will fit in the building. A corner apartment on the ground floor, for example, is at risk of burglary from both sides of the exhibition.

Having neighbors on either side means you’ll probably only have to worry about your front door and windows as possible access points.

“The next step in protecting yourself against a criminal is to think like a criminal,” Hattingh said.

They are looking for easy opportunities, and so the advice is to suppress those opportunities.

Never leave valuables lying around the apartment, especially not near an open window where someone could easily grab them and run away.

A small bedroom safe can hide valuables out of sight. Many affordable security systems can be purchased from stores, which offer basic alerting and detection features.

“These systems will at least make noise if someone enters your apartment, whereas a professional system will alert armed response companies to come to your aid,” Hattingh said.

A CCTV camera or even a device that streams video to your cell phone can add another layer of security and potentially act as a deterrent.

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The same can be said for wireless video doorbells.

Your neighbor, Hattingh said, is also an important ally in keeping the building safe.

“This kind of ‘buddy system’ means you can look out for each other, especially if an apartment is empty during the day,” she said.

She also recommends contacting the legal person before moving in, to find out what other security measures have been put in place, such as access control at the main entrance.

If necessary, they could invite an armed response company to visit the building and conduct a security assessment.

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