Best Amazon Prime Day deals on books to buy 2022


Of all the things to buy and then buy on the internet, there are quite a few things that we would categorize as a waste of money, plus the burden of another old shipping box in your house. But books. Books. Books are never a waste of money or shipping containers. These are relatively inexpensive items that you can order online and not only not regret making the purchase, but actually be even better off. Books are good and good for us, that’s how it is.

Books are a must to buy around Prime Day from Amazon, especially if you’re the type of reader who is 1. Reads books quickly and therefore finds it hard to commit to spending a lot of money on them. Or, 2. Is for some reason compelled to buy books in groups and only in groups. So yes, Prime Day is here, and the book sale is worth a library update.

We’ve rounded up a few picks on sale now that you can score now. There are classics, shiny new novels, and in-depth non-fiction books that will teach you a little about the world as it is. If you’re worried about unnecessary impulse purchases, stay in the book section. It won’t save you impulses, but it’ll never be the kind of purchase you’ll regret.

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The Handmaid’s Tale and The Wills Box

Margaret Atwood’s infamous and painfully resonant dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale is now followed by a sequel: The Wills. Get the set and take yourself on an entire emotional roller coaster.

The dawn of everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow

For history buffs, The dawn of everything is a social story of how humanity evolved into what it is. It is not just a description of social life in history, but a critique of some of the past theories that have shaped history itself.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Prime Day has a ton of deals on reimagined classic books, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is just one of them. This may be your favorite book about leaving one life to pursue the uncertainty of another. Or maybe it’s one of those books you thought you’d read but haven’t yet. Either way, it’s a classic.

The Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Another deal on an old favourite: this one The Wuthering Heights edition illustrated by Marjolein Bastin. It will take you down a nostalgic path of classic literature romance. This time with pictures.

Enrique Prado’s memoir describes his time as an officer in the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War and the War on Terror. There’s nothing more convincing than a real-life spy.

The Eagles: go to the limit by Ben Fong Torres

For die-hard Eagles fans — or someone you need to buy a gift for and never quite know what’s right — this book by music journalist Ben Fong-Torres is a solid choice. It’s about as up close and personal as a story about a rock band can get, with a clear take on events.

yoga science by Ann Swanson

Everyone tells you that yoga is good for you, and you’d be more convinced if you knew why. yoga science explores just that, detailing the physiological benefits of the practice. You will not only learn how yoga works, but how it might work for you.

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Maybe you haven’t read Crime and Punishment since you were in high school and maybe, maybe, you didn’t Lily when you were supposed to read it. You know the gist: A young man commits murder on principle and struggles with his thoughts on morality. It’s a long, heavy read and worth every second.

Putin’s People by Catherine Belton

There may be plenty of news to follow, but it’s important to stay informed. Putin’s People is a way to learn how the KGB took over Russia without a constant refresh of new information. It is an in-depth way to understand the current state of the world.

A little life by Hanya Yanagihara

Hanya Yanagihara A little life is the absolutely moving story of a tortured boy who becomes an equally tortured man. It’s a beast of a book, but it’s written so lyrically you’ll speed it through.

The climbby Mike Sielsky

For Kobe Stans, The climb walks through Bryant’s life and rise to stardom — as well as his crushing helicopter death. The book uses stories from interviews and transcripts with Bryant that had not been used before. It brings us all one step closer to understanding a legacy.

Jackby Marilyn Robinson

Marilynne Robinson brings her lyrical prose and masterful storytelling to Jack, her fourth novel Gilead series and one of SquireFavorite books of 2020. It’s an exploration of character at the deepest level by looking at the protagonist, Jack, and the dimensions of his interracial love with the daughter of the town schoolteacher and preacher.

The personal librarianby Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

The personal librarian is a historical fiction novel about Belle da Costa Greene, JP Morgan’s personal librarian. Greene is a black woman who conceals her name and identity to pose as white and work as a curator for Morgan. It’s an upside-down look at racism from the depths of elite society.

Lost in Death Valleyby Harley Rustad

Lost in Death Valley explores the draw and danger of life as you travel the world. This work of narrative non-fiction focuses on traveler Justin Alexander Shetler, a 30-something who quit his job to see the world. He traveled to the Himalayas and studied with a sadhu, an Indian holy man, with whom he visits a sacred lake. Shetler never returns.

Fantasy Mushrooms: Consciousness Expansion, Alternative Healing, Environmental Impactedited by Paul Stamets

Were you or weren’t you obsessed with fantastic mushrooms when did the documentary drop on Netflix? This is the book version of the doc, and it’s even more fun to read once you know a bit more about what’s to come. It’s a look at the research and philosophy of mushrooms and psychedelics with expert essays on mushrooms and photography that’s almost a psychedelic in itself.

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