BAFTA winner to host screenwriting course at York

A BAFTA-winning screenwriter from York hosts a tasting party before his new class.

Jimmy Richards, screenwriter and lecturer in screenwriting at York St John’s University, is offering a free tasting evening on Friday March 11 where he will teach the basics of the craft before a 10-week course.

Jimmy received a BAFTA for ‘Best Scottish Film’, for the BBC film production, ‘Truth or Dare’, which was released in 1996.

He then sold the film rights to Hollywood, and it won a San Francisco Film Festival award.

Jimmy said: “The course will teach you how to write your first idea and how to make it technically possible for film.

“I’ll teach you how to describe and structure your story, like why a movie usually doesn’t start for about 25 minutes, and how to create your own realistic characters.

“I will teach using movies that everyone has seen, like Shrek, because it’s easier to learn that way, and how the first seven minutes of Back to the Future are a great way to show how less dialogue and a camera are used to tell a story.”

Jimmy Richards won a BAFTA for Truth or Dare in 1996. Image: NQ Staff

The course will cost £250 for the 10 weeks, and Jimmy will arrange the final dates once he knows how many people are interested.

The course will also involve teaching the inner workings of the film industry and how to market your film.

Jimmy said: “In 1998 I made £80,000 from screenwriting, but in 1999 I made £800.

“The course will also educate students on the conditions of the film industry, to teach them how to properly market your film to agents and TV companies, so it is a very comprehensive course.”

Jimmy has been writing a “cynical” romantic comedy film based in York since 2004, and hopes to start filming it later this year.

The free tasting party will take place at the Black Swan Inn pub on Friday March 11 from 8pm to 10.30pm, followed by a question and answer session.

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