Awanesh Kalik, Director of AFC India Ltd. shares his insights and experience with Krishi Jagran

Krishi Jagran invited Awanesh Kalik, Director of AFC India Ltd., to his Delhi-based office. He interacted with Krishi Jagran’s team and shared his insights regarding his experience in agriculture.

Awanesh Kalik visits Krishi Jagran

Krishi Jagran recently launched an initiative called “KJ Choupal”, where they invite prominent personalities every week to discuss hot topics and for future collaborations. On Tuesday, June 7, Awanesh Kalik, Director of AFC India Limited, Uttar Pradesh visited Krishi Jagran Head Office to meet his team.

Kalik was delighted to meet such a young team working in this field. He praised MC Dominic for starting Krishi Jagran 25 years ago and nurturing young brains and expanding their knowledge of agriculture. He interacted with Krishi Jagran’s team with great enthusiasm. Kalik said he did not come from an agricultural background, however, his curiosity and passion were the reason for his success in the field. He now has over 20 years of experience.

He also said that India is a leading country in agriculture but fails to deliver its benefits to farmers. He said India’s agricultural sector has never been given priority.

Kalika started a small initiative 10 years ago. In this initiative, he educated farmers on safe and profitable farming practices and provided them with knowledge. He shared that in 1968 he also started an agricultural magazine named “agricultural finance”, but for some reason he could not follow it and had to stop publishing it.

It is concurrently working with the Government of Jharkhand to provide business skills training in the agricultural sector. With the help of this program, they provide business skills training to people between the ages of 7 and 24.

Kalik currently works at Agriculture Finance Corporation, a government organization established 55 years ago.

The main objective of the organization has been to promote and expand the growth of the agricultural sector. AFC, in collaboration with Krishi Jagran, will work at the national level to stimulate the growth of the agricultural sector and farmers.

First published: 08 June 2022, 09:50 IST

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