Art Center Sarasota announces 2022-2023 exhibition season

Arts & Culture

The Art Center Sarasota’s 2022-23 exhibition season considers both the big picture and the small picture. Some of the featured artists explore global issues and seismic shifts in history. Others open the viewer’s eyes to the triumphs and struggles of unique individuals. In the upcoming season, Art Center Sarasota celebrates their entire artistic vision. These diverse offerings include both solo exhibitions devoted to the deeply personal expressions of individual artists and group exhibitions organized by jurors of stature in the regional artistic landscape. The 2022-2023 season features exciting works that span the gamut of artistic mediums, from abstract ceramic sculpture to documentary photography. According to Kinsey Robb, Executive Director of the Art Center Sarasota, this tapestry of artistic expression reflects ACS’s larger mission. “We are a community arts center,” she says. “The community we serve is incredibly diverse. We honor this diversity with our selection of art and artists. Robb adds that she is thrilled to present an Artist Talk Series this season, a program that “offers audiences the opportunity to delve deeper into the minds of our artists in an intimate, friendly setting.”

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