An abandoned mattress becomes a photographic work of art


It was half on the road and half off the road, lying in the puddle with a sad story to tell.

For most – well probably everyone – it was a nuisance and sort of a traffic hazard, something to get around that could have caused a serious accident.

But for artist and photographer Tudor Titoiu, it was an opportunity.

The mattress was split on one side and was left lying on the dual carriageway on one of Bristol’s busiest roads.

Image by Tudor Titoiu of an abandoned mattress in Bristol

It was initially reported during the Tuesday evening rush hour on the Northbound St Philips Causeway just as traffic pulls away from the Avonmeads Shopping Park roundabout.

It was, slightly diagonally, half on the central reservation and half on track 2 of this four-lane carriageway. It was midway between a McDonalds on the retail park and the KFC on the west side of the causeway, but no one was resting in a food coma between these fast food outlets.

Perhaps it was intentionally abandoned there. Perhaps he fell from the back of a truck or from the roof of someone’s car as they valiantly tried to take him to the nearby St Philips Domestic Recycling Center.

But as traffic avoided the mattress, Tudor saw an opportunity. It was the occasion of some wonderfully arty images.

The dirty, stained mattress contrasts with the bright lights of the car headlights and the red and yellow neon lights of the surrounding restaurants.

A total of seven photos in total were sent to us on Bristol Live, but unfortunately none showed someone moving the mattress.

Taking time for a range of angles, the mattress was caught with the blur of passing cars. Maybe it was a metaphor for Theresa May’s Brexit deal, maybe it was just a mattress half-lying on the road.

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