Actor Ray Buffer accused of stealing $600 from comic books

JTwo California comic shops have accused an embattled actor Radius buffer shoplifting for hundreds of comic book dollars, and security footage from both locations appears to capture the incident.

When a video of him stuffing his shirt with numerous books on September 29 was posted last weekSouthern California Comics in San Diego was the one who made the first claims.

The trader filed a complaint with the police. SDPD after claiming in a critical article the following day that collectibles were more than $600.

Employees have since given evidence to police, including more videos they say show Buffer keeping the books.

53-year-old actor Buffer, who in the early 2000s made guest appearances on Calm your enthusiasm and Emergency roomhas since been relegated to a career of commercials and contract work at nearby amusement parks, according to the retailer, is a repeat offender.

The retailer shared a video of the fallen celeb caught red-handed by a staff member in a related incident at an LA comic book store the previous week, in addition to footage of Buffer’s alleged boost the week former.

The owner confronts Buffer in the video, pointing out that he was on camera, after he appears to have seen Buffer performing the same maneuver at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, according to reports.

The shop owner threatened to call the police, so the depressed actor – who plays a small role in the recently released film brad pitt film High-speed train– put the comics back and left.

Things are not going well for the actor

In addition to his rocky acting career, Buffer also works as a contract Santa and a freelance graphic designer. He later deleted all his social media accounts and claims the owners of the business are harassing him.

Southern California Comics employees dubbed the initial post last Friday, which featured Buffer shoplifting while sporting a bright green polo shirt and long gray bears, a “PSA” (Public Service Announcement).

Staff members had not identified the offender as Buffer, a Long Beach resident, at this time.

Later in the day, they would accuse Buffer of the offense and ask fans on the store’s Facebook page to get in touch with the actor, who for the past 20 years has mostly performed in regional musical theater shows. and sung commercials where he portrays Santa Claus. Christmas.

The post also claimed that since the pandemic, shoplifters have repeatedly targeted him and that he was forced to hire a security guard to make up for his losses after learning that the books stolen by Buffer were worth over $600.

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