5 photo resolutions for 2021: photography ideas for the new year



Whether you are at the start of 2021 grooming a particularly delicate head after a heavy night of New Year’s merriment or enthusiastically savoring a hearty New Year’s feast, there is one question that will unite photographers around the world: How can I improve my photography this year? Luckily, we have some fantastic photography ideas to help you take your work even further in 2021.

Whether you’re a landscape photographer looking to sharpen your gorgeous views or a portrait photographer looking to take your captures to the next level, we’ve set your photographic resolutions for 2021. Find out what projects you should take on, what kit you need. Invest in and photographers you should learn from for your best photography year yet!

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01. Set a goal (but make it realistic)

It can be really easy to pop up on January 1 with a wink and say yourself in a dramatic fashion, “This year I’m going to be traveling the world, taking hundreds of amazing photos and gaining thousands of Instagram followers.” However, it probably won’t be that easy to make this statement. The problem with setting such an optimistic goal is that it can quickly become both unwieldy and intimidating.

We’re all for “aiming for the stars and landing on the moon,” but don’t set yourself a goal so outlandish that you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think big! To help you decide what your photographic goals should be for this year, consider the following questions:

• What do you want to achieve by the end of 2021? (Do you want to improve a certain skill, or photograph a particular location, or maybe bring your work to new audiences?)

• How can you realistically work towards this goal? (Whether you’re obsessed with step-by-step plans or prefer a more laissez-faire approach, give yourself some action points to get you started on your journey.)

• What incentives can you give yourself to achieve this goal? (Whether it’s a fancy new goal, or maybe even just a good meal, be sure to include a reward for reaching your goal in the park).

02. Invest in a kit

While it is certainly not true that the kit makes the photographer, we would say that there is definitely something to be said to upset your routine and try something new. We don’t necessarily recommend that you invest in a shiny new camera (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you think you need). Indeed, something relatively inexpensive like the Lensbaby Omni Creative Filter System might just be the ticket to jumpstart your creativity.

You might want to check out some of our more popular buying guides below for more inspiration:

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(Image credit: Louise Carey / Digital Camera World)

03. Get out of your comfort zone

We hear you – it’s awfully comfortable in that comfort zone right there, filming predictable situations and getting nice results. However, if you want to take great photos, the only way to do that is to push yourself.

Identify your weak spots, create a battle plan, then fearlessly move forward to improve your photography. Do you hate the flash? Invest in a cheap flash and watch photography advice videos. Afraid to photograph people? Get a nice friend to model for you, so you can practice a bit.

Even if the mountain you have chosen seems insurmountable to you, remember that no photographer is perfect. Everyone has something to learn, no matter how good they are. And, in fact, imagine you knew absolutely everything about photography – what a boring world it would be with nothing new to learn.

04. Find new inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere – the gentle sparkle of the morning sun on the sea, or perhaps a few drops of dew on a lonely blade of grass. These are two worthy inspirations and have inspired thousands of amazing photos.

However, sometimes the best inspiration comes from some solid technical advice. Armed with your newfound knowledge, you are free to explore any photographic genre you have chosen with ease and aplomb. Obviously, we recommend that you check out our extensive range of Digital Camera World tutorials first, but there is a huge range of information that you can dig deep into.

From YouTube videos to the best online photography courses, there are many sources you can take advantage of, including one of our favorite ways to learn new techniques which is to read the best ones. photography journals.

(Image credit: Louise Carey / Digital Camera World)

While investing your time in formal learning new skills is a very commendable activity, you can often find yourself learning even more when you are part of a photography community. Whether it’s joining a camera club, meeting a few equally happy friends, or finding an online forum, your fellow shooters are a wealth of information.

Obviously, camera clubs have had to rethink the way they do things in today’s climate, but if you use your camera as a webcam, you can collaborate with other photographers through Zoom. And we’ve found that Facebook groups can be a great place to learn from working professionals. Some of our favorites include:

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