5 Interactive OOH Ideas Marketers Should Experiment With

As countries open up, ad spend should also shift back to OOH. Dentsu recently predicted that OOH will see global growth of 11.5% this year, while GroupM said in its forecast that OOH growth is expected to be 14.3% this year, excluding China.

Since OOH is still a crucial channel to capture consumers’ attention, brands should definitely continue to invest in this channel. However, there are plenty of other ways to go beyond static billboards to stop consumers in their tracks.

According to a recent white paper from Havas Media Group Singapore and Clear Channel Singapore titled “#thenewcommuter: The new consumer journey today, in real life,” here are five interactive OOH ideas for engaging consumers.

1. Opaque to transparent glass

This interactive feature is suitable for product revealing as the technology can turn a frosted screen into clear glass in a second with just one touch. Here are some ways to creatively embrace the concept: launch a new flavor of ice cream, reveal a spooky message during Halloween, or simply show off the effectiveness of a cleaner spray product.

2. Holographic Abilities

This includes a high-definition 3D screen that appears to float and appear in mid-air. 3D HD video is rendered and uploaded to the 24/7 looping holographic fan with product or campaign message.

3. Eye tracking

This makes it possible to measure eye movements, eye positions and gaze points through various technological processes. Brands can create games that allow users to use only their eyes to move objects or “grab” offers, for example, Instagram’s Flying Face Flappy Bird game.

4. WebAR

This allows users to access AR experiences directly from their smartphone. Using the phone’s camera, brands can allow hidden products/characters to be revealed only via webAR on panels where, once “captured”, they bring them to the campaign website. This idea can be repurposed to reveal just about anything from a dining menu to the latest offerings, or even interacting with a special character or branded mascot.

5. Live Dynamic Updates

Serving as a lead generation for brands, this concept allows brands to display their ad on the screen, with the latest prices flashing to show the “Live” effect, as well as a countdown timer that aims to incentivize scan the QR code to enter the agreement. After being redirected to the microsite hosting the featured offers, the user will be able to make smooth reservations (with shared contact details) for hotel tickets, day trips to Singapore or short getaways to neighboring countries , among others. Brands can track users and honor prizes captured during the campaign.

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