4 super fast waterfall photography ideas


Here are some quick but still interesting ideas on how you can photograph waterfalls on your next country walk with your camera.

Landscape and travel

Waterfalls, regardless of their size, are a pretty impressive natural feature that towers high in the landscape and are well worth a photo or two. With that in mind, here are some quick ideas you can think of the next time you have the chance to photograph one.

Do it differently

Skogafoss waterfall

Instead of starting with slow shutter speeds and blurry water (we’ll get to that in a moment), why not take some time to think about how you can photograph the waterfall you’ve found on your travels in a different way. ?

1. Try to stand on the curve of a bank so that you can use the S-curves created by the flowing water to direct your gaze towards the waterfall. Look at the scenery from the sides of the waterfall. Do wet rocks have particularly interesting patterns? Is the foliage particularly vibrant and therefore will it make a colorful frame?

2. Closer to the waterfall, take your boots, waders, and macro lens with you and photograph the bubbles that form.

3. When winter returns, a few days of very cold weather can turn waterfalls into interesting ice structures, and icicles at the edge of the riverbanks can turn an ordinary-looking photo into something more spectacular.

4. Improve the power of the waterfall with fast shutter speeds, then finally focus on everyone’s favorite technique – blurring the water with slow shutter speeds. You need your tripod and camera set to shutter priority. Then choose a slow shutter speed of about one to two seconds, check your composition, and take your shot. If you find that your photo is overexposed, use a polarizing filter or switch to aperture priority mode, but it may take you a while to find the right shutter speed. You can also return to your preferred location at sunrise or sunset when the light is not as bright.

Skogafoss waterfall

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