29 Best Bulletin Board Ideas for Back to School 2022

With the start of the school year, teachers have a lot of work to do. Some children are already looking forward to going back to school, but others need a little convincing. That’s where a colorful, cheerful, and welcoming bulletin board can help. We all know how a roadside billboard can lure us to places or things we may not have thought of before. A class bulletin board acts the same way. When done right, a bulletin board will attract children like spelling bees to honey. For inspiration, these DIY back-to-school bulletin boards are great examples to follow.

Creative bulletin boards come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a larger screen than a typical bulletin board, use a doorway or a large section of a wall. With the variety of themes and creativity, there’s bound to be something to match your classroom personality. Whether you’re making your bulletin board entirely from scratch or using a hands-on kit, there are ideas for all skill levels.

Best Bulletin Board Ideas for Back to School

1. Popsicle Bulletin Board

Kids will lick this super happy and colorful popsicle bulletin board from @mrsbteachesme. How cute are the patterned popsicles with each student’s name!

2. Set a word display

A fun and easy bulletin board idea is to cut out large letters to spell out a word like “learn” or “create.” Then have each student write something inside the letters about what the word means to them.

3. Checkered Bulletin Board

A positive message from @she_teaches_fifth brings a warm welcome to the class. The colorful tiles give the room a playful and fun look.

4. Fill a bucket

Buy or make tiny buckets to hang on a bulletin board with the phrase “Have you filled a bucket today?” Each time a student engages in an act of kindness, let them add a piece of paper with what they have done to the bucket.

5. Classroom Family Bulletin Board

A family message and fun graphics should make kids feel comfortable and at home. This bulletin board by @create_inspire_teach does a good job of showing off what kids love.

6. Create a “You’re Wanted” Poster

Like a wanted poster for suspected criminals, this idea displays wanted photos of college students. Title the displayed message “Wanted in room #” or “Wanted in class (teacher’s name).

7. Family Photo Wall

There’s no better way to feel at home than with a wall of family photos. With each photo highlighting a positive characteristic of a student, @headoverheelsforeaching’s board is super warm and inspiring.

8. Great work ahead

A back-to-school bulletin board will not yet display student artwork. However, you can still create a cheerful bulletin board with 8×10 papers that say “Great Work Coming Soon.”

9. Tweet pin board

This bulletin board from @sciencelessonsthatrock does a great job of combining past and present with scientists “tweeting” a message.

10. mirror mirror on the wall

Label your bulletin board “Meet the person who is responsible for.” Then place several small mirrors at the bottom of the board with labels like words, actions, choices, grades, or successes.

11. Encourage the back-to-school bulletin board

Talk about motivation and inspiration! This message board from @teachingfourthwithkellyb is full of positive messages to get students excited.

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12. Puzzle Piece Display Board

Draw puzzle pieces with each piece displaying characteristics and/or a photo of each student. Students can then visualize how the whole class fits together perfectly.

13. Character Creation Trays

Character-building boards are a perfect idea for a back-to-school bulletin board. This bulletin board from @rise.over.run highlights the trait, then adds notes on ways to achieve the trait.

14. Day One Selfies

Create an Instagram-inspired bulletin board with the hashtag #firstday as the title. Place squares of colored construction paper on the board with each student’s name. Once the selfie has been taken, with a Polaroid, attach the photos to the squares.

15. Soothing Coastal Theme

Immediately put students in a relaxed mood with this soothing coast-themed painting. The positive vibes on this board by @ashleymckenziept create a mood of encouragement.

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16. Superheroes in Training Bulletin Board

Display a variety of fun superheroes on your bulletin board, each labeled with a student’s name. Title the painting “Superheroes in Training”.

17. Good Vibes Only

A fun retro theme from @ms.wintersteaches1stgrade gives lots of positive energy.

18. Paper Plate Emoji Faces

Let students draw their own faces on a paper plate, then display the plates, or emoticons, on a poster board labeled “The many faces of (grade level or class number.)”

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19. Motivational Billboard

motivational quotes bulletin board idea

Students will be flooded with positive thoughts with this beautiful bulletin board idea from @thelittleladybugshop that’s covered in motivational quotes.

20. Smart Cookie Notice Board

Welcome to a new group of students with a smart cookie-themed bulletin board. Make a cookie jar filled with paper cookies labeled with students’ names.

21. Ask yourself for a bulletin board idea

ask yourself bulletin board idea

This is a great bulletin board idea by @teachingwithamountainview for older students learning new skills.

22. Balloon Bouquet

Inflate a few small balloons to create a fun and colorful bouquet. Then write each student’s name on a separate balloon. Label the chart “Up And Away In (grade)”.

23. Mindfulness Bulletin Board

This mindfulness chart idea from @counselorclique is perfect for middle and high school students to learn about mental health, self-care, and stress management. The kit for this board can be purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers.

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24. Confetti Bulletin Board

Label your board “Throw kindness like confetti!” Then let your students make the confetti out of construction paper to place on the bulletin board.

25. Welcome to the School Board

This kit presented by @primarily_kinder has three options and is a warm welcome to the school year.

26. Notice board of what we do

Fill in a chart with verbs for actions the class will do such as learning, adjusting, explaining, sharing, or creating. A fun way to learn verbs as well as class characteristics.

27. Bubblegum Balloon Board

It’s a super cute and flirty idea to use small inflated balloons as chewing gum. Simply attach pictures of students to a bulletin board, then tape the balloons to their mouths to make it look like they’re blowing bubbles. Title the painting “Look who’s been there!”

28. Kick-off scoreboard

Start a great year with a football-themed bulletin board. Be sure to include goal posts!

29. Wild School

This wild and fun bulletin board from @knowledgetreeus is sure to bring a smile to any kid in the classroom with its fun leopard border.

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